who's an overlooked hero in history?

i have a project and we want to do someone different than like mlk or gandhi, i was thinking someone a little less known.

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    Top 100 most influencial people in history

    (some iv'e never heard of)

    *princess diana isn't on the list she would be great to learn about

    1. Prophet Muhammad

    2. Isaac Newton

    3. Jesus Christ

    4. Buddha

    5. Confucius

    6. St. Paul

    7. Ts'ai Lun

    8. Johann Gutenberg

    9. Christopher Columbus

    10. Albert Einstein

    11. Karl Marx

    12. Louis Pasteur

    13. Galileo Galilei

    14. Aristotle

    15. Lenin

    16. Moses

    17. Charles Darwin

    18. Shih Huang Ti

    19. Augustus Caesar

    20. Mao Tse-tung

    21. Genghis Khan

    22. Euclid

    23. Martin Luther

    24. Nicolaus Copernicus

    25. James Watt

    26. Constantine the Great

    27. George Washington

    28. Michael Faraday

    29. James Clerk Maxwell

    30. Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright

    31. Antoine Laurent Lavoisier

    32. Sigmund Freud

    33. Alexander the Great

    34. Napoleon Bonaparte

    35. Adolf Hitler

    36. William Shakespeare

    37. Adam Smith

    38. Thomas Edison

    39. Anthony van Leeuwenhoek

    40. Plato

    41. Guglielmo Marconi

    42. Ludwig van Beethoven

    43. Werner Heisenberb

    44. Alexander Graham Bell

    45. Alexander Fleming

    46. Simon Bolivar

    47. Oliver Cromwell

    48. John Locke

    49. Michelangelo

    50. Pope Urban II

    51. Umar ibn al-Khattab

    52. Asoka

    53. St. Augustine

    54. Max Planck

    55. John Calvin

    56. William T.G. Morton

    57. William Harvey

    58. Antoine Henri Becquerel

    59. Gregor Mendel

    60. Joseph Lister

    61. Nikolaus August Otto

    62. Louis Daguerre

    63. Joseph Stalin

    64. Rene Descartes

    65. Julius Caesar

    66. Francisco Pizarro

    67. Hernando Cortes

    68. Queen Isabella I

    69. William the Conqueror

    70. Thomas Jefferson

    71. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    72. Edward Jenner

    73. Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen

    74. Hohann Sebastian Bach

    75. Lao Tzu

    76. Enrico Fermi

    77. Thomas Malthus

    78. Francis Bacon

    79. Voltaire

    80. John F. Kennedy

    81. Gregory Pincus

    82. Sui Wen Ti

    83. Mani

    84. Vasco da Gama

    85. Charlemagne

    86. Cyprus the Great

    87. Leonhard Euler

    88. Niccolo Machiavelli

    89. Zoroaster

    90. Menes

    91. Peter the Great

    92. Mencius

    93. John Dalton

    94. Homer

    95. Queen Elizabeth

    96. Justinian I

    97. fJohannes Kepler

    98. Pablo Picasso

    99. Mahavira

    100. Niels Bohr

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    King Jame VI of England.

    While he was king he never started a war or invaded anyone. Taxes were low and he kept them that way.

    When there was an assassination attempt against the gov't, he arrested and hanged the perps, but refrained from religious persecution against anyone else.

    He was a pretty cool guy. If I were a king I'd want to be like him.

    He also commissioned a group of scholars to translate the bible from Hebrew and Greek into contemporary English.

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  • I would like for you to consider the legend of the "White Buffalo Calf Woman" of the Lakota nation. I think that you will find her teachings and personal insights very informative. I am a member of this nation and I find her teachings on Native Spirituality to be the one that I follow today. But you need to make up your own mind on her. Have a good time researching her and her stories. Good Luck!

    Pilamayan! (Lakota for 'Thank You!')

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    1 decade ago

    Bernard Montgomery - Him and the 8th army were all that stood in the way of Hitler and the middle east's oil supply. His victory over Rommel in north africa changed the course of the war yet he is often overlooked in favour of Rommel of Patton for the title of World War Two's greatest military commander.

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    Frank Aretas Haskell, who turned the tide of battle during Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg.

    The Union soldiers started to break and run, but Haskell chased them back to their posts.

    History could have turned out very differently.

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