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hydrogen powered cars?

how doe a hydrogen powered car work?

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    Hydrogen powered cars have already made their debut. Since hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe it only make sense that hydrogen powered cars would someday make the limelight. Well that day is already here. Though hydrogen powered cars are not ready for primetime for consumers yet, many manufacturers are showing off their concept cars and prototypes to get consumers excited about the future.

    Hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered cars are the best alternatives to polluting, gasoline-powered cars for several reasons: (1) the cars are completely emission-free, (2) the fuel cells have no moving parts, (3) hydrogen is renewable and abundant, (4) the cars are compatible with cold weather, (5) the fuel cells are compact and lightweight--not overly bulky or heavy, (6) the cars are about 3 times as efficient as gasoline-powered cars, (7) the cars will have incredible mile ranges, (8) the tanks will be refueled quickly, and (9) hydrogen is safe, has been tested rigorously for use in vehicles, and is being used in many vehicles already.

    Mercedes F600 Hygenius

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    Hydrogen fuel engines are different from the regular engines in the way they work. Cars using hydrogen fueled engines usually need electricity to power the car. The hydrogen fueled engine is different from the normal internal combustion engine in that hydrogen produces electricity which is used to run a motor or engine. A hydrogen motor can be said to be a two motor engine.

    The first cell is responsible for producing electricity from hydrogen while the other uses the electricity produced to move the vehicle. The electric engine is easy to understand how it works and in fact has been used for a long time. The fuel cell technology is what many people find complicated.

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    Hydrogen powered cars are expensive cars. Mercedes F600 Hygenius

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    hydrogen fuel cell cars are 3 times as efficient, but the fuel, H2 is already inefficient by 50% and the equipment required to make both H2 and fuel cells triple the cost to build, therefore 3 *.5 /3 makes the net H2 50% as efficient as gasoline on a cost basis.

    H2 cars are absolutely NOT pollution free, they move the pollutants from a cars tailpipe to the factory where the H2 is made.

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    Hydrogen cars are the future, but for now they are to expensive

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    Hydrogen is the most explosive gas there is. It is not for a shade tree mechanics.

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    Its powerful car its make by water fuel

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    A hydrogen vehicle is a vehicle that uses hydrogen as its on board fuel for motive power. Hydrogen vehicles include hydrogen fueled space rockets, as well as automobiles and other transportation vehicles. The power plants of such vehicles convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy either by burning hydrogen in an internal combustion engine, or by reacting hydrogen with oxygen in a fuel cell to run electric motors. Widespread use of hydrogen for fueling transportation is a key element of a proposed hydrogen economy

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    unfortunately, people can hear about cars without specifically having to buy them but hey if they can buy it its a guarantee that they know about the car so i wouldn't be surprised if one of the top 3 ive mentioned happens to be the worlds most popular car.

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    Your hydrogen motor vehicle is actually a motor vehicle this functions hydrogen when it has the onboard petrol to get basis electricity. Hydrogen cars or trucks involve hydrogen motivated space or room rockets, and cars and trucks and various moving cars or trucks. The capability flowers with these cars or trucks transfer a chemical like vigor with hydrogen so that you can technical vigor frequently by way of losing hydrogen inside an ınner combustion website, and also by way of answering hydrogen by using much needed oxygen inside of a petrol mobile phone to jog electronic search engines. Extensive make use of hydrogen to get fueling moving is actually a important thing on the consist of hydrogen financial state. [2]

    Hydrogen petrol would not appear of course we know of and for that reason will not be an electricity reference; fairly its an electricity tote. Its most important manufactured from methane and also alternative fossil fuels, nonetheless it usually is manufactured working with methods (just like wind turbine, solar power, and also nuclear) that happen to be irregular, although the conversion process great loss so that you can chemical like vigor would make a solution uneconomical for a massive machine. [3] Involved wind-to-hydrogen (capacity to natural gas) flowers, working with electrolysis with waters, will be studying modern advances to generate expenditures very low more than enough, plus sums superb more than enough, so that you can smart phone market common vigor methods. [4] A variety of methods of manufacture hydrogen petrol just like: propane, fossil fuel, nuclear electricity, plus environment friendly options. By way of make use of thermochemical methods someone can manufacture hydrogen out of biomass, fossil fuel, propane plus oil. Development with hydrogen electrolytically can certainly be showed experimentally to get electricity developed by way of make use of the sun's rays, wind turbine plus nuclear methods. In addition, the sun's rays only might commute photolytic development with hydrogen out of waters by way of make use of leading-edge photocatalytic waters dividing plus snapshot inbreed methods having said that none of them of tactics might smart phone market over the fee plus variety with propane maded by a hydraulic fracturing with shales

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