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Spiritually speaking do you ever report a question for no other reason than ?

it conflicts with your beliefs or makes you uncomfortable about them in someway ?

Second question what is your belief system atheist , Christian , Islamic or ?

Please no reporting here and be honest I bet we all wonder about this .

I myself report questions that contain pornographic images or incite violence against a group for beliefs , sexual orientation or race only . { By violence I refer to outright physical assault or murder } I can live with myself for doing that what is your policy ?


Oh I did forget one other thing if I find a link to a virus site I will report that I have excellent security and if it is something that is dangerous there I see it right away and don't want my friends here to have problems .

Update 2:

The other thing I should have asked is who decides what is " insulting " ?

Update 3:

Yeah I got violated too . I will have to change accounts again soon as a bot is after this one . It should lose interest in a week or two though and I will be able to bring this one back .

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    There was a question last night (it was more of a rant) saying that homosexuals should be rounded up and killed. That was just a tad too Nazi for me, so I flagged it. Someone else must have also, because it was deleted within seconds.

    Personally, I don't really concern myself with what others say. However, when they start ranting that groups of people deserve death, or acting in an improper manner towards children, I'm gonna hit the report button, husband. Some things can't be tolerated. Violence and pedophilia are two things I won't put up with. When confronted with such hate or disregard for others, it's our duty to put a stop to it.

    Beyond that, I never report. I value free speech as much as the next person.

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    It's a really difficult issue. I never used to report anything, but I now do report things that are clear incitements to hatred - not only violence but the sort of things that seem intended purely to incite others to hate. The reason I changed was that I was beginning to get really sickened by the sheer nastiness and feeling that I didn't want anyone exposed to such stuff.

    And I'm Jewish - though I suspect that you'll find there are intolerant folk subscribing to every belief system, as well as delightful, interesting and tolerant ones.

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    No but some of my contacts have had to and some have even been suspended. This is why it is prudent to not just add people without a posting history automatically. There are groups on here that like to report in concert because it is a game to them. But no I haven't had to do that not yet. I get a lot of stupid mail but you know, that's like getting a bunch grade school drawings and ramblings from kids so those don't really count as trolls.

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    Spiritually speaking Lizard, I have never reported a question that conflicts with my beliefs. I enjoy hearing the opinions of the other members here. I also love the funny Q&As. I rarely report anyone. I have a few times for the same reasons you listed.


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  • Anonymous
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    I don't report often. A question has to be pretty offensive, and not necessarily to my own faith.

    Of course, obscene questions, or questions that intentionally incite violence are also on my "hit list", no matter who is asking them.

    Generally, I tend to ignore questions that insult my faith. Generally, I say. Sometimes I do tend to let my anger show...usually after some turkey has reported me..

    Of course, no body is perfect...

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    I've reported three times in the two years I've been here. Both questions had to do with child molestation. It's the only thing I will not tolerate.

    Out of the Ordinary Christian, also known as, your third wifey. :)

    Source(s): What is insulting? I don't know. I'm rarely insulted, seeing as though I'm the first person to laugh at myself. However, I do see fit to protect those who are unable to protect themselves, ie children.
  • Anonymous
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    I have reported porn and once reported a guy who was asking questions about having sex with kids.


    I see a lot of stuff I don't agree with but never report it.

    I do however report answers like "Thanks for the 2 points" cause that just pisses me off.

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    I only report for the same reasons you do. If I don't care for an question in general, I just skip it and move on to another one.

    There is a lot of unfair reporting going on - and I do not want to be a part of it.

    Hey folks, live and let live, you know?

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    I've never reported becuase of someones religion.

    I grew up with my mother being a Jehovias Witness, my Father an Atheist, my sister a christian, and me being VERY confused. SO I've learned to accept everyones opinion as their own

    I completly and fully agree with you though. You make an aweful great point and I support you fully. 2 thumbs up dude. Proud of you :]

  • Anonymous
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    I report for about the same reasons you do. Add rants and insults of a person or belief, any person or belief and that's it. I'm an agnostic.

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