need words that can be made from crtboaa?

I need 17 more words already figured out 20

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Take your pick:

    1-letter: a

    2-letter words:

    aa, ar, at, ba, bo, or, ta, to

    3-letter words

    aba, act, arb, arc, art, baa, bar, bat, boa, bot, bra, cab, car, cat, cob, cor, cot, oar, oat, oba, oca, ora, orb, orc, ort, rat, rob, roc, rot, tab, tao, tar, tor

    4-letter words

    acta, arco, boar, boat, bora, bort, bota, brat, carb, cart, coat, crab, orca, rato, rota, taco, taro, tora, torc

    5-letter words

    abort, actor, aorta, barca, boart, bract, carat, carob, cobra, rabat, tabor, taroc

    6-letter words

    abator, rabato

    7-letter words


    These are all legal in the game of scrabble

  • 1 decade ago

    acrobat, abort, actor

    carat, carob, cobra

    boar, boat, brat

    cart, coat, crab

    taco, taro

    act, art, bar, bat, boa, bot, bra, cab, cat, car, oar, oat, orb, rat, rob, rot, tab, tar

    I think that's more than 20

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  • 1 decade ago

    which words do you already have

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