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I would like to ask, Is Bea Alonzo, the actress, related to Jose Rizal?

After all, the national hero's mother was an Alonzo.

I am asking because I fear I am also related to the hero, and I don't want to marry a blood relation/ relative.

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    Bea Alonzo is not at all related to Jose Rizal. So I guess you are safe to go!

    In fact, 'Bea Alonzo' is just her screen name. She was born "Rhodora Sanchez Aquino" in 1982. Daughter of Z. Sanchez and M. Aquino.

  • Anne C
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    1 decade ago

    Bea Alonzo has hispanic features..Rizal, according to recent researches was discovered to have traces of Spanish ancestry (as well as chinese, japanese, etc :p). So there is a possibility that she might really be related to the great malay.

    PS>marry pokwang instead hehehe peace po..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    she is the reincarnation of teodora alonzo,so you are related.

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