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Legendary Oni masks of jackie chan adventures?

Legendary Oni masks of jackie chan adventures?

what are the oni masks in the jackie chan adventures?...

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    Oni=Demon/Devil in Japanese.

    I don't watch Jackie Chan Adventures, but I hope this helps give you an understanding.

    The oni is the demon of japanese folklore. It takes on many other names, sometimes referred to as a devil. Unlike most western cultures, the oni is not necessarily seen as an evil being. It is said to be of a dual nature, meaning it's powers can be good or evil, depending on if it likes the subject it attaches itself too. Oni are credited with with bringing good health, safety, peace and avoiding disaster. A typical oni mask has horns, bulging eyes, a sinister looking smile and sharp teeth. Sometimes, it is shown in a form that looks more like a skull. This represents a very black and white image of transition. A representation that good is leaning toward evil, or that evil is trying to become good. Often, oni masks will have hair. If one could break away from the traditional impression that the demon is an instrument of evil, it would make the oni a more widely accepted good luck symbol.

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    Jackie Chan Adventures Oni Masks

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    i don't think the Oni masks had a name to them, they had different Shadow Kon

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    -Elemental Gelade -Kiba -Rave Master -Black Blood Brothers -Shakugan no Shana -E's Otherwise -Trigun -Saiyuki -Nabari no Ou -Bleach Hope I was of some help.

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