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學校的課堂上,作為學生一名的我,都很認真聽好每一堂課,偶然我也會偷偷打瞌睡。我總認為學生應抱著一顆朝氣,努力充實自己,創造自己美好的將來。 放學后,我通常約好幾位好朋友到球場上打球,球場上我總想著自己是球星高比拜仁,所以我通常都打得很起勁,把對手一一打敗。 傍晚的時候,我總聽上周杰倫的歌曲,因為在歌曲里,我能找到童年的趣事和一段段的小愛情。 天全黑起來的時候,我和我班的幾位同學往運動場上跑步,汗水的一滴滴的揮發,印證著我們付出過的努力,在那裡,有蟬的聲音,天空有星星的璀璨,一天下來的煩惱都可以一一拋開。

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    In the school classroom, I am a student, is very earnest listens to each hall class, accidentally I also secretly will doze off. I always thought that the student should hold a vitality, enriches itself diligently, will create the happy future. After being on vacation from school, I usually play a ball game approximately several good friends to the field, in the field I was always thinking are star player Gaobibairen, therefore I usually hit very much vigorously, 11 defeats the match. Evening's time, I always believe Zhou Jielun's song, because in the song, I could find the childhood the amusing thing and a section of small love. The day entire is black time, I and my class's several schoolmate jogs toward the athletic field, the sweat a little bit's volatility, is verifying we have paid the endeavor, in there, has cicada's sound, the sky has the star radiance, one day gets down the worry may 11 abandon.

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