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    The American Democratic Party presidential election person Austria Pama on 3rd achieves obtains the presidential nomination the request. This meant in this November US election, he will campaign for person Mccain on behalf of the Democratic Party and Republican Party to measure strength. Two people hold the political view in some hot topic to be different, form the sharp contrast.


      Austria Pama: Opposes the Bush Administration to the yearly income in 250,000 US dollar above wealthy social stratum tax cut policies.

      Mccain: The support continues Bush Administration's reduced income tax policy, and planned that from 35% reduces to 25% the enterprise tax's tax rate.


      Austria Pama: Urges to negotiate on North America free-trade zone agreement, strengthens the concerned laborer and the environment aspect provision ﹔ support achieves the free trade agreement with Peru between.

      Mccain: The support with between Colombian, South Korean and Panama's free trade agreement, and launches the related new free trade agreement with 27 EU members the negotiations ﹔ to oppose that changes North America free-trade zone agreement ﹔ support to open the new trading market.

      Iraq War


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    Austria Pama: Has opposed the Iraq War, and pledged in the campaign, if president-elect, will take office the latter 16 months to withdraw the US military Combat unit from Iraq.


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    Mccain: Votes for in Senate to Iraq makes war, opposed that attaches the withdrawal of troops timetable in the war allocation bill. He indicated recently, if president-elect,

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    will achieve the goal in 2013 which will establish in Iraq, and will evacuate the US troops in Iraq Combat unit.

      Health insurance


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    many,please go:http://world.people.com.cn/BIG5/14549/7342044.html... go http://dictionary.reference.com/translate/ then you can have the notes

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    I just want to say that no matter what they say before the election, they don't usually come true... it had been happening... my friends have been telling me that. if you are truely interested. you should wait longer and see where are the things they promised...

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