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KRT is the metropolis area necessary transportation vehicle. , I thought the KRT sets up a station the position really just right, not that remote.

Speaking of the Kaohsiung KRT, only again lies in regarding Kaohsiung is one kind arrogant and the curiosity.

How is the latent question lets the Kaohsiung people accept KRT. , is not familiar with generally uses the populace transportation system to be able the area to build KRT in Kaohsiung to drive not necessarily oneself and to ride the locomotive to be more convenient. And fast.

The southron likes at will the independent use own transportation vehicle. More convenient.

A most important spot is: Will use KRT's transportation expense to be higher than many this compared to the independent transportation vehicle also to need the Kaohsiung person. The change use custom and admits it.

But what is affirmative is this can have the remarkable improvement for the metropolis transportation moreover to be possible to reduce the carbon dioxide the emissions, may reduce the path Shangqi locomotive's current capacity, hoped that each people can for an environmental protection mental effort, promote the Kaohsiung resident's life quality. Travels by the populace transport facility, lets the Earth be able to continue forever to develop.

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    捷運是大都會區必備交通工具., 我覺得高雄捷運設站位置真的恰到好處,都沒有那麼偏僻。

    高捷車廂內部的設計還很不錯, 可惜的是博愛座沒有用其他顏色加以區分。

    就高雄捷運而言, 只重在於對於高雄是一種驕傲及新鮮感.

    MRT is an essential transportation for metropolis. , I feel the locations of the Kaohsiung MRT stations all are at right places, no one is remote.

    the Kaohsiung MRT possesses a nice internal design of box car, but it is a pity that the charity seats without obvious colors for distinguishing.

    for the Kaohsiung MRT, the main point is that it is a pride and freshness for Kaohsiung city.

    潛在問題是如何讓高雄人接受捷運., 普遍不習慣使用大眾運輸系統


    and the latent question is how to make Kaohsiung citizens accept MRT. , most of them are not yet used to take advantage of the Mass Rapidly Transportation, because taking the MRT is not really more convenient and faster than driving a car or riding a motorcycle by themselves in downtown area.


    Owing to the convenience, the southern people like to use their own vehicles as their will.

    最重要的一點是: 使用捷運的交通費用會比自主交通工具高出許多


    and the most important is the transportation expense for MRT is much higher than that for self own vehicles , for this point, the Kaohsiung citizens should take time to change their customs and take it.


    but what is affirmative is that the MRT can improves metropolis transportation condition remarkably , reduces the emission of carbon dioxide and the current capacity of vehicles on road.


    hopefully, each people of Kaohsiung can devotes their efforts to environment protection, and takes the MRT often to promote the resident's life quality, let the Earth can last and be developed forever.

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