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單車熱 短文修改

In 2008,by the reason of raising price of oil.Many drivers make decision not to use transports which need oil.Therefore,there are more and more people translate their mind commuting to schools and workplaces by riding bikes.At precent,it would be hot for a periods time.Bikes can divide into road,mountain and foldind types.In early morning,you could even see some fanatical riders schecule to start at 3 a.m.Wo ~ maybe it is a good sport but not over.

By the way,it privayely seems there are not enough rules to regulate these riders in Taiwan.On the one hand,some riders get on roads without wearing any safe equipments.The other hand,some rash riders ignore pedestrian and cycle around pavements.What such a skunk!They even take this behavior for granted.Hope there will be more strict laws and invitations to decline the messing."Safety but instead of danger"

這是我寫的一篇短文,可以麻煩大家幫我看看哪裡可以作修改,或者能怎麼寫更好?希望可以給我多一點建議,很感謝 ~

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    Check this out, hope this one helps .....

    Good luck with your study ~

    In year 2008, because of gasoline price hike; many drivers make up their mind not to use any means of transportation which requires use of gasoline. Therefore, there are more and more people change their mind on commuting to school or workplace by riding bicycle instead of car. At present, it will be a hot topic for a period of time; as people are paying more attention on this new trend. Bicycles can be categorized into many different types such as Road, Mountain and folding bikes. In early morning, you could even see some fantastic riders took off as early as 3 am. Woo ~ maybe riding bicycle is a good sport, but you should not over do it and ruin your ordinary life.

    By the way, it seems to me that there are not enough rules to regulate these riders in Taiwan. On one hand, some riders get on the road without wearing any safety equipments. On the other hand, some rush riders ignore pedestrian and cycling around pavements in extremely high speed. What a petty!!! They even take this kind of behavior for granted because they help to reduce CO2. Hopefully there will be more strict laws and regulations to resolve the mess. Let's work closely together to make bicycle riding "Safe" instead of "Danger".

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