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緊急!!幫我翻譯成英文!!!!不要翻譯機 翻譯軟體 20點

中翻英囉 Plz ^^


My unforgivable memory was I went to the MAY DAY'S concert when I was junior high. (是這樣嗎?)



回家後嗓子都喊啞了 手臂也很酸,但我永遠部會忘記那晚,我人生的第一場也是最難忘的一場演唱會。


to忘憂草: 呵呵 全部都要翻唷...

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    My most unforgettable memory is that I went to May Day’s concert when I was in junior high. It was the first concert in my life, and I even bought a scalped ticket.

    I have every single album of May Day, from their first debut to the latest one. It’s not exaggerated to say that I’m a "BIG" fan of May Day. It was so high at the concert. Live performance was much more fascinated than acoustic CD or live show on TV. Everyone sang along wholeheartedly and kept screaming and shouting crazily. Everyone waved the fluorescent rod madly and swung with the most fantastic rock band in Taiwan. I never thought that I could get so close to them. I even thought that I was dreaming. I was deeply touched by the words that A-Shin, the leading singer of the band, said at the concert. His singing warmed me up. How I wish that the concert would never end.

    After returning home, my voice was hoarse, and my arms ached, but I will never forget that night. It’s the first and also the most memorable concert in my life.

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    Going to Mayday's concert when I was in junior high is most unforgettable memory to me.

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    I most unforgettable recollection is I when the country has gone to May day concert.


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