How do I APA Cite a Picture?

For a project, we were told not to just put the URL under the picture... So how do I cite it APA style?

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    Assuming you are doing this in text and not putting all your figures in an Appendix?

    In the text you say…as shown in Figure 1, or (see Figure 1). Below the image has a figure number, title, explanation, and credit to copyright holder :

    Figure 1. Caption of the picture. Short explanation about the picture if necessary.

    Note. From Title of Book (p. 45), by A. B. Author, 1980, Place of Publn: Publisher. Copyright 1980 by the Name of Copyright Holder.

    There is no original APA example for web pictures, but I guess you replace the publishing details with “Retrieved…..” and the page reference with maybe a para number if appropriate. The above is a book example. The words Figure 1, Note, and the Title of Book are in italics. Then you have a reference for the source as normal in the ref list. If it’s not for a closed school assignment you need to get permission from the copyright holder first, then put a note on the end of the credit : Reprinted with permission.

    Source(s): APA manual Pages 175, 198-200
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    How To Cite Pictures Apa

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