the quote, "war is hell"?

how was war hell in the book All Quiet on the Western Front.

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    It means just what it says

    "WAR IS HELL" with all the

    bloodshead & death what

    else would you, could you

    call it, but HELL.

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    War Is Hell Quote

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    War is hell!!!! What is hell???? The worst place to be! The next worst place would have to be "war" itself. I mean the people watch their mates, friends, colleagues and even people they don't even know die!!! You are probably too young Mel to have experienced any of this - hell I have never experiened war either except on the streets of the city of Perth in W.A. - but not as a "civillian" but as a Paramedic. I have also watched people die in front of me/in my arms etc. I even watched my lover die in a car accident and I couldn't do a thing to save him - that was hard!!! It's not the greatest feeling I tell ya but to watch mates etc die in front of you in time of war????? Well I couldn't think of anything worse!!!!! I hope that you and I and everyone else never experience war in our life time - cos what our ancestors went through wasn't war! was "hell on earth" Anyway to answer your "Q" - it was the waiting for the inevitable to happen! Waiting for the "**** to hit the fan" so to speak! hope that helps Mel - take care!

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    it just is. no war can be classified as "heaven". people are dying all around you, you loose your closest friends, and chances are, you see them die in front of you. every day your terrified of getting seen or killed, you're always watching out for traps, keeping your voice low, scared to laugh for fear of being heard.

    in the book he's in enemy territory. wouldn't you be scared to even sleep, always thinking you'll be found?

    you have to hunt for your food, no bathrooms or showers, always on the move.

    do you see why he would find it hell? or anyone else, for that matter.

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