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Should Fundamentalist Parents Be Charged With Child Endangerment For Teaching Abstinence Only Sex Education?

Does that not equate to failing in their duty of care to their own children? There is adequate accurate information available on how to protect oneself from:

-Sexually transmitted diseases

-Unwanted Pregnancy

-Sexual Assault

But the children of Fundamentalist parents are largely denied access to the information.....much less the services they need in order to maintain good physical and emotional health.

Aren't these parents using their own philosophical beliefs to justify putting their children's lives at risk.

They have placed their children in danger of contracting HIV/AIDS; HPV - which leads to Uterine Cancer - Chlamydia and Gonorrhea - which result in infertility; syphilis - insanity, osteoporosis and death!

Unwanted teen pregnancy is an epidemic in this country. Higher than any other developed nation on earth. It is not working, this "Just say NO to sex" campaign. Go ask Bristol Palin how successful it is!!

How can you call what they do,"Responsible Parenting?" When so many of their kids are obviously sexually active.

It's like giving them a gun and go play. But don't shoot anyone!!

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    What annoys me is the way they trot out these so-called abstinence 'role models' such as Britney Spears or her sister Jamie Lynn Spears. Then it emerges they've been at it like rabbits themselves! It's so hypocritical.

    The other thing is, if you keep telling a child not to do something they're only going to be more curious about it. It's the same for teenagers.

    I hope Sarah Palin is reading this ;-)

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    I'm not part of a fundamentalist denomination but if the parent is raising their child to respect God's commandments and what He wants for our lives then they will grow up not having premarital sex since that is not part of God's will for us. so yes they are being responsible. To assume that all children are going to grow up having sex is only saying the our society is a forgone conclusion. Godly children do exist and they need to be encouraged. Now for non fundamentalists who aren't as diligent at teaching their children about holiness standards and such then the story would be different.

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    what about the parents that do teach their kids sex education and they still end up with an STD or even pregnancy? are they bad parents as well. if you have any kind of education one out of four girls in the state of NY alone has an STD. in Texas young girls have the highest teen pregnancy rate. guess what? sex education is still taught in schools. there are 10 yr old kids that know how to put on condoms. that doesn't blow your mind? what 10 yr old kid needs to know about putting on a condom??

    what if the daughter gets pregnant and the parents urge her to get an abortion? is that bad parenting also?

    you're so called argument is so uneducated its not even worth answering.

    learn what child endangerment is and then come back and try again.

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    No. I support the Parental Right to teach their children about morals and sexual responsibility. They are the ones who should also be supportive if their abstinence teaching fails.

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    No. Regardless of parenting, there is not a 12 year old in this country who does not know what condoms are for and how to get them.. Give me a break.

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    no...they shouldn't just because you don't like the ways they teach their own children does mean they should be charged with child endangerment. that's just foolish.

    what parents teach their kids is none of your business. also..if you look up the meaning of child are WAY off course.

    Source(s): 3rd year law student
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    What's there to teach? You stick it in and pull it out. Kids should be taught to save themselves until marriage. Makin' whoopy isn't that hard to figure out.

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    Harm reduction? Child Endangerment?

    My God, is this really what the world has come to.

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    Good idea.

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