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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesVisual ArtsPainting · 1 decade ago

How would you wash away your oil paints?

Okay, say you have oil paints and you have to wash your brush and anything else the paint got on. Is it safe to wash it in the sink? Or wash it down anywhere else? Or is it okay? Are there any chemicals? How would you get rid of it or wash it if there is?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wet oil paint washes easily from brushes, hands, and fabric with any gentle soap, such as dish detergent or shampoo. Some artists like to clean the paint out of brushes with oil (vegetable oil or even cheap motor oil) and then wash the oil out with gentle soap. I have used oil and soap to wash brushes in my kitchen sink for over 40 years without any problems.

    Some artists use turpentine to wash brushes. This is where the problems begin, because turpentine is caustic and dangerous. You should not breathe it. It can burn your skin. It will wear out your brushes faster than soap and/or oil (as described above). Turpentine has to be disposed of as any dangerous chemical, and not just thrown in the trash.

    Source(s): Professional Fine Artist Oil Painter
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When you clean your brushes I find a dab of Murphys Cleaning product. It's like a semi-transparent yellow-ish liquid. And It is ammmaaaaazing for cleaning oil paints. I have never had a problem with cleaning them in the sink. But when leaning our brushes make sure to go with the direction of the bristles, if you pull them every which way they break :(. Also try not too use too hot water, if you do the glue melts holding the bristles in and it just destroys the brush. If there are high quality brushes, the most likely won't react to the heat as much.

    Source(s): -Previous Experience -Art teacher
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  • 1 decade ago

    hey ah... yeah...listen. why don't you do your self and the environment a favor and switch to acrylics...everything will be water-based...mean while clean everything up with some paint thinner (mineral spirits) and give it a brake...if I have to use oils I keep the waste to a minimum, and whatever I have, I use it to keep sidewalks trimmed by pouring it along the edges.. this will weaken your concrete in time...but then there's always a price to pay...

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