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albino african clawed frog?

Can i put an albino african clawed frog with a freshwater eel ?

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    Yes,as long as the eel does not fit in its mouth, the frog will not hurt it. I hope the eel won't either! But as the frog grow older, if the eel is starting to look like it could be crammed in. Remove one of them. Good luck, I had my frog for so long and he was so big. They a e fun. Mine looked like he was smiling and he would let me hand feed him and hold him. So good luck. I love ACFs! I fed mine blood worms, feeder guppies from my own source, mealies, crickets, and shrimp pellets. For the best personality in your frog, keep the water as high as 82! but make sure even the smallest holes at the top of the tank are covered with duct tape. They'll do anything to escape. My first attempt, I found my frog dried to the wall next to the tank where he had climbed out the filter opening, and up the wall before not knowing what else to do. :(

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    My husband and that i've got 4 african claw frogs. We all started out by using feeding them guppies, then as they grew we graduated them as much as small goldfish then as much as larger ones. After that they'll truly plenty devour despite they desire alongside with a number of my well-known fishes I had. So whilst introducing them to fish you choose to maintain make advantageous the tank is surely stocked with guppies and/or goldfish. believe me on that, i assume i've got lost approximately fifty money nicely worth of fish i needed to maintain. through fact they'll devour something they are able to slot of their mouth.

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