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can someone tell me how 'education' has changed since 1935. ?

i know that kids didnt have to go and that u couldnt go if u had to help with work at home. but i need moreeee. i cant find any good websites for this.

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    Actually, you're assumption is incorrect... compulsory education laws in the USA started with Massachusetts in 1825, and by 1918, every state required students to at least complete elementary school.

    An example would be Oregon's "The Compulsory Education Act" of 1922, prior to amendment, had required all Oregon children between eight and sixteen years of age to attend public school. There were several exceptions incorporated in this Act:

    Children who were mentally or physically unable to attend school

    Children who had graduated from eighth grade

    Children living more than a specified distance by road from the nearest school

    Children being home-schooled or tutored (subject to monitoring by the local school district)

    Children attending a state-recognized private school

    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierce_v._Society_of_... )

    The SCHOOL year in rural areas WOULD often take into account the PLANTING & HARVEST seasons, and make allowances in their schedule, but you STILL went to school.

    My FATHER had to go to school in Montana... from 1934-1946 (High School was mandatory in Montana), and twice each year they had a week off to plant and harvest wheat.

    OTHER changes... in 1935 most schools still had corporal punishment: A teacher or principal could SPANK miscreants

    Here some other sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_education_...



    Source(s): US History Professor & Grumpy Old Grandpa
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