How has religion shaped Palestine?

I know more currently, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has had a big impact on the religious aspect of this country, but what about the past? What were some of the major religious leaders? I have found many sites, but they seem to contradict themselves, as one has stated Christianity was the first official religion of Palestine, while another stated it was Judaism.

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As for more details, I guess I just would really like to know about the religious background of Palestine, as it seems to have a very interesting and diverse one. =]

Religious background, as in things such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, what caused other religions to take place, how did this affect the region, how did it react?

Update 2:

I know the Romans attempted to banish Jews from Israel, because they saw it as their homeland. But is there another reason?

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    First fact: Palestine is a very holy place to all three religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

    Sequence of religions in Palestine: Before any of the three religions existed, Arab tribes lived in Palestine and followed different pagan religions. Some believed in One God as when Abraham immigrated to Palestine. Of course the Jews were there before Christians, and Christians before Muslims. This sequence has no significance to who has right to that land as it belongs to the people who have always inhabited it before and after any of these religions existed. These people have always had a mixture of religions. In the last 1400 years they have been predominantly Muslim, but Christian and Jewish minorities always existed. Most importantly they were throughout history Arab tribes. They lived in Palestine before Abraham and before Jews ever existed (read the bible if you do not believe it).

    When Muslims defeated the Romans and took over Jerusalem, one of the conditions the Romans have put for the surrender of Jerusalem is that Muslims do not allow Jews to live in Jerusalem. However the Muslims allowed the Jews to move to Jerusalem soon after that. Through out the 1300 years Muslims controlled Palestine there was freedom of religion and Jews and Christians were allowed to practice their faith. The Christian Palestinian minority has always existed for 1300 years and until now. The same goes for the Jewish minority, which predominantly Arab.

    One exception to that is when the European crusaders occupied Jerusalem in the 11th century, they killed all the Muslim and Jewish inhabitants of Jerusalem. Muslims and Jews could not live in Jerusalem for the 90 years the Crusaders were there.

    When the Muslims took over the city again, Jews returned there again. Actually, historically, Jews have always sought refuge in Muslim controlled land to escape religious persecution of Christians in Europe.

    Since Muslims controlled Palestine 1400 years ago, many political entities ruled the region. Through out that period, there was freedom of religious practices for all religions. There was no ethnic or religious cleansing in Palestine except in two periods: The first was during the Crusaders rule, and second was in the twentieth century with the establishment of Israel.

    So why did the Jews all of a sudden change and decided to become aggressors and occupy Palestine? This started towards the end of the 19th century when Zionist movement essentially hijacked the Jewish religion (the same way AlQaeda is trying to hijack the Muslim religion now). It started by European Jews and its purpose was to establish a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. It received full support from Imperialist powers in Europe especially Britain who in 1917 gave the Balfour declaration of establishing a homeland for the Jews In Palestine. Thus as has happened many times in history, religion (in this case Judaism) was used as a means to accomplish political goals.

    The rest is history as the establishment of the state of Israel over Palestinian land resulted in the destruction of more than 400 Palestinian villages and the expulsion of more than 0.75 million Palestinians from their homes. Though there were several UN resolutions asking Israel to allow the Palestinian refugees to return to their country since 1948, Israel never complied. Israeli apartheid practices are still continuing until today while the world is turning a blind eye to the suffering of Palestinians (Muslims and Christians alike).

    I encourage you to read the references noted below to get more information and to confirm the facts I have stated above.

  • Part of the problem is the naming of "Palestine". That didn't occur until after the Bar Kochba revolt (135 CE), when Rome was determined to do everything they could to extinguish Judean identity. Massacring the people apparently wasn't enough, so Rome changed Judea's name to an ancient enemy, the Aegean Philistines.

    Christianity was eager to ingratiate itself with Rome, and distance themselves from the Jewish desire for self-rule and independence, so they incorporated the new name into their writings.

    Christianity wasn't officially adopted as the official religion until the 300s, some 200 years after the renaming. Many writers write as if Christianity was dominant, and the land called Palestine, from the 1st century.

    That leads to confusion, of course. :-)

    Can you provide more information as to what specifically you're looking for. I'll see if I can help.

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    Most people do not have a clue of the events of Palestine, they think it began around WW2... NO this was just the 2nd wave

    In the mid 1850s when the Turks had invaded and controlled Palestine, rich European "Jews" were able to buy the Palestinian's land from the Turks.

    The largest segment of "Jews" who were in Palestine before WW2 were the waves of Europeans that bought their land from the Turks.

    In WWI the Brits and French were fighting the Germans and the Turks.

    They made an agreement with the Arab nations...

    Help us defeat the Turks and when the war is over, you will get your home lands back.

    While the gullible Arabs were fighting and dying helping the French/Brits defeat the Turks, behind their backs the French/Brits were plotting how they would divide the Arab land between themselves after the war was over.

    That is how the Brits were on control of Palestine in WW2 with the 2nd giant wave of European "Jews"

    Ignorant people around the world helped the "Jews" to invade and take the home land of the Palestinians


    They thought they were helping bring the Israelites back to their home land.

    While there is a trivial fraction from other places, 98% of all in the land who call themselves Jews are Europeans or descendants of white Europeans .. and the excuse they were helped to invade and take the land of the Palestine is religion.

    Of course none of the millions of white Europeans who invaded the land has a shred of evidence of any connection to the Israelites.

    The stock of all bible Israelites were black Asians/Africans and yet these waves of "Jews" are white Europeans like the rest of us.

    If any one bothered to actually read the bible, the masses of Israelites were dispersed through out the Persian kingdom before Alexandria invaded.

    A very trivial fraction of Israelites ever returned to the land (less than 50,000) and in the prophecy of the actual Israelites returning to the land, it is middle east Asian/African countries they will be gathered from.

    How has religion shaped Palestine?

    Millions of white Europeans have invaded and taken over their home land using religion to justify their robbery.

    Just watch a guy like Pat Robertson or watch a program called Wings of Eagles.

    It is millions of Christians who are ignorant of their own bibles who use religion to support the constant invasion of Palestine.

    They actually think they are "helping God's people" .. that is why and how millions of Europeans now own the land of the Palestinians.

    Where will the actual descendants of the Israelites be gathered from IF the bible is true?

    Isaiah 11:11 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.

    And there are no white families that exclude Asian/African DNA that are descendants of the Israelites, because only Asians/Africans existed in the bible lands during the bible events... before white Europeans polluted their gene pool.

    Who ever botherd to read the bible to know that all Israelites were descendants of the black Egyptians as you see painted in the tombs of Egypt or by the African/Asian mummies they now study.

    Sarah / Abraham .. chaldeans.. ancient Iraqis

    Isaac, descendant of Iraqis who married his cousin who's father came from Iraq.

    Jacob, Iraqi descendant who married 4 different Syrian girls

    2 were his Syrian cousins who were descendants of Abraham's Iraqi brother

    2 of them were Syrian hand maids.

    11 of the princes of Israel produced their children out of the wombs of the local Canaanites. Two of those women are identified as Canaanites the others are un-named

    1 of the princes of Israel Joseph, produced his tribe out of the womb of the Egyptian girl Asenath

    Genesis 46, when they went into Egypt, Israel had 53 grand children, out of these all Israelites would come from.

    There were no other Israelites on earth

    52 of the grandchildren were grand sons

    1 of the grand children was a girl

    They were the only Israelites on earth when they went into the land of Egypt.

    Who did the 52 grandsons of Israel produce their offsprings from, except Egyptian girls

    Of course the wife of Joseph.. the tribe of Joseph is specifically identified as descendants of the Egyptian girl Asenath

    Palestine has been shaped.. mutated by the religon of ignorant people who thought white Europeans are the descendants of the black Asian/African tribes of the bible.

    Source(s): Rev Rocky n Rabbi Bullwinkel
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    I stay interior the U. S. yet I haven't any theory. i certainly do not understand the way our dating with Israel reward us, in any way. i can in basic terms assume it might desire to in some secret way in view that our legislators are so unswerving to them. If it have been as much as me, we can possibly never become in contact. Its not as much as me. ok traditionally, the united kingdom have been given the U. S. in contact interior the midsection particular by using convincing the president on the time that it substitute into considerable to evade enlargement of the U.S., and that the individuals interior the midsection east could be unable to stand up to the U.S. militarily. Thats the history. yet its beside the point history now. the united kingdom technically 'owned' the land yet they refused to make a determination without arab acceptance...and because that substitute into not conceivable...thy in simple terms exceeded the concern over to the U. S..

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    Religion was the driving force which shaped Israel, as it has been for over 4,000 years.

    Palestine is the name the Romans gave Israel after they exiled the majority of its Jewish citizens 2,000 years ago. They did this in order to obliterate the connection between the Jewish people and their homeland, Israel.

    Fact is, Jews have had a continued presence in Israel for 4,000 years and have never relinquished their claim. Arabs rejected the United Nations resolution of November 29, 1947 calling for the establishment of two states in Palestine, with an all out war to eliminate Jews enacted by the Arab world. After the 1967 War -- another war of Arab aggression -- Israel recovered a small remnant (13% in whole) of what was promised to them by the UN -- eventually handing back the Sinai Desert for peace with Egypt in 1977.

    Between 1948-1967, Jordan and Egypt, who governed the West Bank and Gaza, respectively, never offered to surrender those lands to form an independent Palestinian state. No Palestinian organization ever sought an independent state. No Arab country had even suggested its existence. An Arab Palestine has never been the name of any nation or state. 'Palestine' was a geographical term used only to identify administrative boundaries within larger empires, nothing more.

    The purpose of a separate Palestinian State was defined faultlessly by the late Zoher Moessein, head of PLO bureau of military operation:

    "There is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians and Lebanese; we are all members of the same nation. Solely for political reasons are we careful to stress our identity as Palestinians. Since a separate State of Palestine would be an extra weapon in Arab hands to fight Zionism with. Yes, we do call for the creation of a Palestinian state for tactical reasons. Such a state would be a new means of continuing the battle against Zionism, and for Arab unity."

    An offshoot of the occupation myth is the 'refugee' fabrication. It states that a significant portion of the Arab population was driven out of Israel by force during the 1948 War. It makes for good copy, but it's false. Egyptian activist, Edward Said, the most famous of these "refugees," for example, has been exposed as a fraud, as has this revisionist history.

    Mark Twain, a man, one would think, as devoid of 'imperialistic Zionist' intentions, wrote in 1867 that Palestine was "a desolate country whose soil is rich enough but is given over wholly to weeds." Yet, Arabs have claimed that over a million refugees were forced from their homes during the 1948 War of Independence -- this number includes Arabs whose relatives entered Israel from 1946 onward. The number of Arab refugees is probably closer to 400,000, most of whom took it upon themselves to flee despite Jewish assurances that they would not be harmed. The contention that Arabs were removed by gunpoint is totally incorrect. Research by the Arab-sponsored Institute for Palestinians Studies in Beirut found that "the majority of the Arab refugees in 1948 were not expelled and 68 percent left without ever seeing an Israeli soldier."

    In her meticulously researched book, From Time Immemorial, Joan Peters proves that a roughly equivalent number of Jewish refugees were expelled from Arab nations during the same period -- 120,000 from Iraq alone. It is estimated that one million immigrants were integrated into Israel's society from 1948-1950.

    None of them, on the other hand, were confined for life to refugee camps.

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    I do not think "shaped" is the correct word here. More like twisted or contorted is appropriate

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