So Palin has to be asked tough question, but Biden and Obama can't be?

Palin can be asked the tough questions, but Biden or Obama cannot be asked such questions, so now they are whining and refusing to be interviewed again. tough questions were asked of Palin, why can't the teflon don's be asked tough question.....OH I know why, because they know that if you have the sense to research Karl Marx, and Marxism, they will see that Obama's policies that he will put forth are those theories and belief's of Karl Marx.

Biden says....."He is not spreading the wealth"

Obama says..."We need to spread the wealth around a little"

Now are you are aren't you going to take money away from me and my family...I want to know, why can't the Obama campaign be asked tough questions.

See for yourself the Biden interview on 10-23-08

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    Interviews that don't put Obama in the "right" light are suppressed. Barbara West should be commended for her interview of Biden. This is what the left wing media should have been doing this entire time...then people would know the candidates!

    The Obama campaign is already starting to spread negative information about Barbara who worked with Peter Jennings. They will be doing to her what was done to Joe the Plumber for asking a question.

    Just a word to anyone daring to speak up and out against Obama your freedom of speech rights are in jeopardy. This should make you very afraid.

  • Deb M
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    1 decade ago

    In regards to ACORN....that organization registers the poor people to vote. Obama did give money for training ONLY. The republicans now are purging poor people and people who have had foreclosures of the homes off of the voters registration rolls. Here is a website with a movie by Greg Palast and Robert F Kennedy Jr explaining the dirty tactics. You might find it interesting, just click on get the movie and you can watch it:

    In regards to taxes....I don't know how old you are...but the taxes that Obama is proposing is the taxes from the '90s. With the surplus that Clinton left, Bush changed the taxes to give everyone a tax break with the most going to the highest. Warren Buffett said that his secretary paid more taxes that he did. Perhaps the better explanation should have been a more fair tax code for everyone!

    You might find this tax comparison chart interesting:

    As far as Obama being tested, I was talking to someone who worked on the Hill in DC. I was told that the Pentagon came up with 5 scenarios on how the new leader of the US could potentially be tested by foreign leaders. This is really not new. Joe Biden was merely saying Obama is better equipped. And I agree. When Russia invaded Georgia....McCain called Bush and told him to send troops to Georgia....what troops do we have available? As far as I'm concerned, that was a test and McCain FAILED miserably.

    As to Palin...yeah...she was asked hard questions...what is the Bush Doctrine...what do you read for foreign affairs. Sorry Palin failed all the tests early on right after McCain announced she was VP. The media has been very easy on one has asked about he book banning...I think she was totally serious. If she wasn't, why did she even ask. There is something sick and twisted about an individual that like to go out in an airplane and chase wolves and kill them! But that is my opinion that a lot of my family and friends share.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What tough questions was Palin asked? I have watched everything she has ever done and the hardest questions she were asked were what newspapers she read and to discuss some Supreme court decisions beside Roe vs Wade, and she couldn't even answer those. If you mean middleclass and lower income families will have more money to spend because of tax breaks and improved economy then Obama will spread the wealth around, if you mean he will take your hard earned money and give it away, then no, he wont be spreading it around, why don't you look at the plans before jumping to conclusions. Obama has been asked tough questions, in the primaries and now, you just aren't paying attention.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    this question i no longer in connection with Obama's tax plan that he published on the cyber web for the income of the benighted voter with a view to pander electorate. The questions have been a directed at Obama' off digital camera solutions while he thinks he's not being taped or recorded. He stated he needs to unfold the wealth around. that's an instantaneous link to a Marxist perspective. "From each in accordance to their skill to each in accordance to their needs." For the benighted communities this for sure potential that all people gets gets an identical pay, abode, clothing and something that the government enables you to have. Russia became a u . s . a . of Marxist followers, the place are they now. They found out that capitalism is the main valuable sort of government and at the instant has a socialistic republic and are adopting extra capitalistic stances according to annum. collectively as our benighted public is thinking socialism and finally Marxism is the foremost to prosperity, something of the international tried it and found out is doesn’t artwork. Obama needs it so he can income from being on the suitable, lie he has already as a senator in Illinois.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because our society is messed up and we care about the popular vote even if that means putting a socialist into the office, I think true conservatives are not going to be surprised when Obama messes up and as soon as the liberals quit drinking long enough to realize what a mistake that voting for a socialist is, this country is going to loose all of our freedoms we have fought for thank you liberals you suck

  • J C
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    1 decade ago

    Yes. The answer is yes. They are going to take money away from you and your family. Much like the government in general takes money from you and your family. What difference does it make who takes it, it's going to get taken.

    If you have wealth to spread then it will be. But if you don't have it then what the problem is?

    So many worried about something that doesn't even affect them. Imagine how much better off we'd be if we used all that negative energy in a more positive way.

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    I just watched a brief interview with an Obama campaign spokesperson, and they said the interview was unfair and she was asking questions that voters are uninterested in.

    Um, I'm a voter, and I'll admit, I'm more interested in those issues than Palin's wardrobe.

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    I saw the interview and thought he did a good job.

    Asking tough questions should be the norm not the exception. The real problem is Gov. Palin and the rest of the Republicans whining about the easiest of questions, calling them gotcha, trap door questions. What do you read? Thats a tough one!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Apparently so.

    It was enjoyable to watch him squirm though, huh?

    Then to top it off, Obama's campaign did the equivalent of the bratty kid taking his ball home because, "I don't wanna play anymore!"


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    Which newspapers you read is not a tough question

    Simple questions about the bail our are not tough questions

    Naming a Supreme Court ruling is not difficult

    Palin's problem is she can't answer the easy ones.

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