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Why has neither Candidate addressed the Illegal immigration Issue?When it now is more important than ever?

If our economy is destined to be stagnant for sometime(A DEEP RECESSION) with the unemployment rate getting higher,then isn't it more likely that companies will be hiring more illegal workers to dodge paying Unemployment taxes , Forced Health Insurance Coverage, (proposed by Barack Obama)SSI Medi Care Taxes,Employee benefits such as matching 401 k,sick time etc.When companies hire illegals there is no way to prevent Abuse of the illegal workers .They aren't given the basic rights that US citizens are guaranteed by Labor Laws and Safety Laws.(Nor should they be)This is a two sided coin ,and Neither Candidate has been confronted with this issue.I am not sympathizing with them because the border should be controlled preventing these illegals entry to begin with. (Which John McCain claimed he was for in the Primaries,yet has never mentioned again!) COULD THIS ISSUE BE THE TROJAN HORSE THAT WILL SEND THE US INTO A DEPRESSION?


" No Obama for........."This Issue is a big part of the economy

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    first, because the bill prepared by teddy kennedy and john mccain to essentially grant amnesty to illegal aliens (yes, i said amnesty) that we fought so hard against is still sitting in congress, in a different form.

    second, because both of these scarecrows and frauds do not stand behind the people of the united states of america, but rather, are patsies to big business, which will get away with hiring illegal aliens and therefore, removing good and safe workplaces as well as replacing YOU with an illegal alien if they can get away with it.

    third, the people of this country are generally asleep. they focus on what the media focuses on at any given time, which is always only one thing at a time. did you see stories about the elections or the illegal alien crisis at ALL when the bailout happened? (btw: both of the mainstream candidates voted FOR the bailout, which adversely affects YOU, and will impinge severely on the happiness of your children and your grandchildren and their children). so, why would the people think about illegal aliens now, or, why would they ask the 2 puppets to state their position on them?

    fourth, i hope that you start to investigate our corporations! do you know, as a fact, that del monte, a us corporation, bought up thousands of acres of the very best farmland in a state of mexico? why did they do that? because, in mexico, the miniumum wage is $4.87 A DAY, not an hour! they bought up all that land using the profits that we paid to them, to their almighty bottom line, by fooling ourselves that we should never boycott them for ignoring we, the people of our country, needing JOBS. and you know what else they did with YOUR money? down there, they have built plants for processing all the food crops that the mexicans, legally, will work at planting, weeding, maintaining, picking, processing, canning and freezing, as well as transporting, by rail, from mexico to the usa, all because del monte pays them 3X the legal minimum wage! and at the same time, del monte has set it up so that mexicans, who might be able to afford buying a farm of 7 acres can't do that because the land is on 99 year leases (as good as buying it). in all likelihood, green giant is doing this now too.

    the one candidate that has consistently voted against this malarky about illegal aliens is ron paul. but you may not have your vote for him counted in your state (check on it) if you write his name on your ballot.

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    i think that the reason why the candidates aren't spending a lot of time on the issue of immigration is because right now they're focusing on issues that are having an impact that's even bigger on america, like the economy, health care, the environment, education, national security, the war in iraq, etc. there's a long list of things that need to be given attention, and the candidates are giving attention to their priorities, the major issues.

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    You are limiting yourself to only the major parties and are surprised by not hearing about important issues? Try looking at one of the real candidate and you will see them discussing tightening the border and other important issues.

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    Actually Obama has said he is all for the fence and closing the border...the problem I have with Obama is he is not sure whether he will force the ones already in to leave or let them stay.....I think they should be deported...but he says it depends on whether or not the taxpayers can afford it...

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    Ron Paul has.

    He is on the ballot in Montana and Louisiana and is a write in option in several states including California where he is a 'registered write in'.

    Make a statement with your vote.

    Don't waste it endorsing the policies of McBama.

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    I was wondering the same thing, to be that is a big deal. But i just think the economy has taken over all other issues right now.

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    Because regardless of what they both say-they both are for open borders. Both parties are for it. There is money in it, and they go where the money goes.

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    illegals = votes by way of american relatives

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