To the Mothers who shop at Carters, did you know they are recalling some clothing?

Just thought all you Mommies would like to know this- I was startled by this...It was on CNN

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    I was reading about this issue at the CPSC website last night and read that only 4 cases have been reported per 1,000,000. Chances are that it will not bother your child, but they want to let parents know. If there are more valid cases, they could issue a recall in the future, but for now, I am guessing 4 cases per million is not enough to issue a recall on an article of clothing. Children can have reactions to anything and everything.

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    They didn't recall the product line. Says so right in the article.... Remember kids can have reactions to everything. Some react to cotton while others react to carrots. You just stop using tag less things if the ink appears to irritate your child's skin.

    I had one child that could not use baby wipes and those claim they are hypoallergenic. That does not mean that I needed to call all the companys that makes diaper wipes and tell them they should recall their product. My sons rashes certainly were not national news. lol. Instead of having a fit I gave the rest of the wipes away and I started taking paper towels in the diaper bag I could wet them with water and still throw them out when I was finished.

    You adjust your life to things as needed allergies and intolerances are just a part of being human. They can't recall everything in the world that babies or people are allergic or intolerant too there would be nothing left on the market for people to eat or use.

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    Relax and read the WHOLE article before you go and start says that they are not recalling they are just letting people know that they MIGHT cause rashes on some.

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    lord its not a recall ladies the shirts wont kill your babies. the tagless clothes may or may NOT cause a rash. carters says to discontinue use of the clothes if the rash occures and you may return items for a refund but, it is not a recall!

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    1 decade ago

    "but the agency did not announce a recall of the product line."

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