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week 8 WR help need 2?

Plaxico Burress,Vincent Jackson,Roy E. Williams,DeSean Jackson

Lance Moore




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    desean and plax. although vincent jackson is great, HE shares the field with chambers and gates and not to mention, LT. curtis and brown are coming back from injuries. donovan mcnabb is a smart guy and before he KNOWS theyre ready 2 have the ball thrown at them, he'll go 2 his #1 since week 1, and thats desean. play plax cause, well, hes plax and he'll always put up good numbers.

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    Burress and Vincent Jackson. Burress you always start. Chambers is out so VJack should get most of the looks against the Saints.

    Roy Williams is worthless with Brad Johnson throwing. DeSean now shares the field with Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown.

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    It would be easy to choose Vincent Jackson were it not for the weather.

    DeSean should get some.

    Roy is probably worth a shot. Its a gamble though.

    Moore has the same weather as VJ, and Shockey and COlston are back. I don't even think he will be on the field except for returns.

    Burress has a finger and a shoulder and a neck injury and he practiced Friday.

    Antonio Bryant

    Josh Morgan

    Donnie Avery

    Chanci Stuckey

    These all have good matchups - some great

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    Burress, Moore.

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    Plaxico and Vincent. Start them for sure.

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    u gotta go with plaxico and desean jackson.......they'll put up numbers

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