What is the minimum amount of electricity required for a shock?

I want to know so as to make a device to give people a minor shock.


For instance, what v of battery would I need to give someone a bit of an unpleasent tingle?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can make a simple 'shock' device using a typical step down transformer like you'd find in a consumer electronics power supply. Simply wire a 9 volt battery and a momentary switch to the output side of the transformer. When the switch is pressed and released, the voltage will be stepped up by the transformer and deliver a single high-voltage jolt across the input winding. It can be beefed up with the addition of a capacitor. Great fun.

    Edit: Direct current (from a battery) is a different thing from alternating current (wall outlet). 110 volts from an outlet is way past a tingle and the available current can hurt a person. But, you can let it go. The same voltage DC is very dangerous since your muscles will contract and you will not be able to easily let go. Varying conditions of the skin contact with the electrodes can dramatically effect the amount of current a person will draw. Playing around with pure DC (a bunch of batteries in series) is not safe.

    Construct the device I described and you can experiment to see what single pulses of various voltages are like. You are unlikely to hurt yourself with such a device.

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    1 decade ago

    Basically you need is lots of voltage, but a minimum amount of current. I am an electrician and I have a nice scar on my hand from 240 volts. But I have been zapped with 500 volts and do not have any marks. So you just need to find a device that will produce the voltage but not the current. Such as pizzo (I think that is the word) electric.

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