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Guppy Fry Question!!!!!!!?


yesterday my female guppy gave birth to aprox 25 fry. I was wondering, at what age will you be able to tell which are female and male. When will they develop colours and fan tails? The same for sword-tail fry, when will you be able to tell when they are male or female and when will the males develop their sword extensions on their tails?


To: Leviathan

Yes I do have them seperate from the older guppies, I have a seperate breeding tank.

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    you can normally sex them after 4-6 weeks

    well in my experience but some people say after a few days, but i never seem to be able to


    I can usually see a gravid spot around 1-2 weeks of age.

    just depends how observent you are

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    when you can see the gender depends on the type of guppy. For most you should be able to tell in three to four weeks. Tails can take anywhere from six weeks to six months to fully develop. I hope you have your fry seperate from your other guppies or they may be eaten.

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    I agree with Tim 4-6 weeks

    Source(s): 4 tropical and 1 cold water tanks
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