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high school musical 3既歌

我想問下有冇人知high school musical 3 d歌?


我整係記得入面有句係"high school musical..."

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    01. High School Musical 3 Cast - Now Or Never

    02. Troy& Gabriella - Right Here, Right Now

    03. Sharpay & Ryan - I Want It All

    04. Troy & Gabriella - Can I Have This Dance

    05. High School Musical 3 Cast - A Night To Remember

    06. Ryan, Kelsi, Troy & Gabriella - Just Wanna Be With You

    07. Troy & Chad - The Boys Are Back

    08. Gabriella - Walk Away

    09. Troy - Scream

    10. Kelsi & Ryan - Senior Year Spring Musical

    11. High School Musical 3 Cast - We're All In This Together

    (Graduation Mix)

    12. High School Musical 3 Cast - High School Musical

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    1.Now or Never

    2.Right Here, Right Now

    3.I Want It All

    4.Can I Have This Dance

    5.A Night to Remember

    6.Just Wanna Be with You

    7.The Boys Are Back

    8.Walk Away


    10.Can I Have This Dance (Reprise)

    11.Last Chance (Ballad)

    12.Now or Never (Reprise)

    13.I Want It All (Reprise)

    14.Just Wanna Be with You (Reprise)

    15.A Night to Remember (Reprise)

    16.We're All in This Together (Graduation Mix)

    17.High School Musical

    18.Just Getting Started

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