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俄國文學家托爾斯泰(Leo Tolstoy,西元1828~1910)在《藝術論》一書中寫到:「藝術的起源,是由於人類為了要將自己所體驗到的感情傳達給別人,於是在自己心中重新喚起這種感情,並以某種外在的形式表達出來。 」





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  • 韋如
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    Russian writer Tolstoy (Leo Tolstoy, AD 1828 ~ 1910) in the "Art of" one wrote: "The Art of origin, is due to their humanity in order to experience the feelings conveyed to the others, so In the minds of their own re-arouse such feelings, and some form of external expression. "

    Works by artists to convey emotion, is to allow the audience to understand their own self-understanding and artists. The author of artistic creation itself is the essence of the life of discovery and understanding. Creative process is a subjective state of mind of individual transformation, in the main object of the individual and between the media, engage in a dialogue with each other. Continue to explore the process in an attempt to clarify the true self-existence, to express the emotions out of it, and re-found self-meaning of life and nature. Works to trace the fate as the heart, by heart back to life as true to the original point, in the spirit of sense, it is the existence of a state of self-analogy.

    For the creation of this study during 2007-2009, the analysis of the major works during the course content and form of expression, the author of works of arts and art history in perspective for the control theory, become the basis of analysis of the creative process.

    The main purpose for ︰

    Through the creation of abstract art form to explore the true inner self and image to convey. From the analysis and writing, self-up with creative ideas, so in good faith with ourselves and hope the expansion of self-creation of meaning and possibility.

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