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中翻英 一篇介紹電影的文章20點 請進


或許有點多 幫一下忙 感激不盡:

king and clown 這部電影 它原本是一齣舞台劇 後來拍成電影

孔吉.長生(人名不用翻)他們是貧窮的戲子 為了賺錢來到了首爾 但只有2個人是不夠的 所以他們另外又認識了其它3人 他們也是戲子

他們表演一些有關他們國王的戲 賺了很多錢 但不幸被王的大臣看見 覺得他們在嘲笑國王處罰他們 長生說如果自己的表演讓王笑了 就不能處罰他們 大臣答應的了 但國王是個不愛笑的人 他們很害怕 但孔吉讓王笑了 大家得救了 他們被留下 為國王表演

他們都表演一些官員做的壞事 國王看了很生氣 便把做壞事的官員殺死 國王非常喜歡孔吉 讓皇后不滿(嫉妒.生氣) 皇后便和大臣要殺害孔吉 孔吉的朋友救了他 自己卻死了 後來 皇后寫一封毀謗王的信 告訴王那是孔吉做的 王很生氣 要殺了他 但長生幫孔吉頂罪 變成了盲人 孔吉很難過 他知道就算宮中生活快樂 但充滿危機 所以他最後決定 以後只為自己表演


希望不是翻譯軟體翻的 人翻的

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    They are the poor actor therefore to make money to arrive at Seoul but only then 2 individuals not them other to know other 3 person of they were also the actor they perform some to concern their king's play to make many money but unfortunate to see by king's minister to think they were ridiculing king punished their immortal saying that if their performance enabled Wang Xiao to punish their minister to promise but king is the human who did not like smiling they are afraid but Kong Jirang Wang Xiao everybody to be saved very much they to stay behind performs for king they to perform misdemeanor king who some officials did to look has been angry very much then doesMisdemeanor's official kills king to like Queen Kong Jirang being discontented with (the envy. The vitality) empress then must kill Kong Jikong with minister the lucky friend to rescue him actually to die afterward empress to write one to slander king's letter to tell Wang Nei was the king very vitality which Kong Ji did must kill his but immortal to help Kong Ji to take punishment for somebody else turns blind person Kong Ji to be very sad he to know in the palace to live joyfully, but filled the crisis, therefore his decide finally later only for own performance


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    king and clown movie it was a play later made into a movie

    Kondji. Changsheng ()is the poverty of their son play for money came to Seoul but only 2 individuals is not enough they also recognize the other 3 other people who also play -

    They show some of their King's show made a lot of money, but Wang was unfortunate to see the minister feel that they are laughing at the King said that the longevity of their punishment if their performance so that King laughed their sanctions will not agree to the minister, but do not love the king is a laugh They were afraid that people, but let kondji Wang smiled saved us they were leaving for the King show

    They show some of the officials saw the King to do bad things they do bad things very angry officials to kill the king very much like kondji so dissatisfied with the Queen's (jealousy. Angry) and the Queen will be Kongit minister to be Kongit the killing of a friend to save his own But later died in Queen's write a letter of defamation Wang told Wang that was done kondji Wang very angry to kill his long life, but to help the blind into a blame kondji kondji very sad if he knew the palace life so happy, but the crisis-ridden He only after a final decision on their own performances

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