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Dementia is common in the elderly; the prevalence was 5.9-9.4% in community-dwelling elderly and 57.2% among residents living in long-term care facili-ties.

Also, cognitive dysfunction shares many com-mon risk factors with falls, such as comorbidities, visual impairment, muscle strength and balance.

Nevitt et al found that fall-related injuries were associated with poorer performance in trail making test, a screening tool for subcortical dementia.

Furthermore, poorer ability of immediate recall was predictive for falls, and demented nursing home residents had a 2-fold greater risk of falling than non-demented residends.

However, Oliver et al found on significant association between falls and dementia or cognitive impairment in a meta-analysis.

Although hundreds of risk fac-tors for falls have been reported in Western countries, similar studies are lacking in Taiwan, especially in vet-erans care homes (VCH).

Therefore, our main purpose was to explore the potential risk factors for falls among elderly Chinese men living in a VCH in Taiwan.

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    老年癡呆是共同的在年長的人; 流行是5.9-9.4%在年長的社區住宅和57.2%在居住在長期疗养所的居民之中。 并且,認知官能不良與秋天分享許多共同的风险因素,例如comorbidities、视觉缺陷、肌肉强度和平衡。 nevitt等发现與下落相關的傷害同在做測試的足跡的更加恶劣的表现联系在一起,為皮質下的老年癡呆的掩護工具。此外,直接回憶的更加恶劣的能力是有預測性的在秋天,并且瘋狂的老人院居民比非瘋狂的residends有2摺疊落的更加巨大的风险。然而,腳踏鐵槌・等在秋天之間的重大協會發現了和老年癡呆或者在整合分析的認知損傷。雖然数百风险因素秋天在西方国家報告了,相似的研究在臺灣缺乏,特别是關心回家的退伍軍人的(VCH)。所以,我們的主要目的将探索潛在的风险因素在居住在VCH的年長中國人之中的秋天在臺灣。

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