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How far will the Washington Redskins go?

I think the Redskins will end the regular season with a 12-4 record or better,and i think they will be the division leader in the NFC's how the schedule looks.

10Skins at Giants L

2)Saints at Skins W

3)Cardinals at Skins W

4)Skins at Cowboys W

5)Skins at Eagles W

6)Rams at Skins L (lost by last second field goal)

7)Browns at Skins W

So far 5-2

8)Skins at Lions

9)Steelers at Skins

10)Cowboys at Skins

11)Skins at Seahawks

12)Giants at Skins

13)Skins at Ravens

14)Skins at Bengals

15)Eagles at Skins

16)Skins at 49ers

Lions,Seahawks,Bengals and 49ers are easy winners and maybe even the Ravens.We already beat the Cowboys and Eagles on the road and i think the next time we meet the Giants will be a different story with the homefield advantage.Im biting my nails against the Steelers because i think they are a great team but all in all i think we are in the playoffs for sure...anyone agree or disagree plz tell me why??

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    Ronald, i agree with you man. The Redskins have a real good shot at the division. I think the NFC East championship runs through FedEx Field because the remaining three division games are all at home. We all know that Dallas is spiraling downward and will be 4-6 after their next 3 games. Philly is unpredictable and is still in the running. The Giants remaining schedule is tough and may wear down by the end of the season.

    This could be a Super Bowl run for the Skins provided they get healthy. The Defense is playing light out this year even with starters missing. I predict the Skins will go 13-3.

    Source(s): HTTR = Hail to the Redskins
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    The Steelers are the only team I'd rate as a clear favorite over the Redskins from the remaining schedule. It's a Redskins home game and the Steelers will have to play well to win.

    The big advantage the Redskins have is the home games for all the repeat divisional games.

    I'd say an 11-5 record is likely, and the 12-4 is certainly possible.

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    I see wins against Lions, Seahawks, Bengals, Eagles, and 49ers. Potential for the Cowboys and Ravens.

    Giants will win again, and the Ravens have no pushover defense. West Coast O won't help you there.

    The Steelers will win if Holmes, Carey Davis, and Parker plays. If Parker is still out, maybe. I think Ben can torch that Skins' secondary. Steelers do have the #2 rushing defense, #1 passing defense, and the #1 defense overall in the league right now. Of course this is before the Week 8 games.

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    the redskins are doing really well this season, but i think that the giants will take the nfc east with the redskins in second. as for the steelers, i'm pretty sure the redskins can beat them

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    They have a chance to get deep into the playoffs (which they likely will). I'm predicting a 10-6 season, which is actually very good considering how good the NFC (B)East is this year.

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    I grew up in D.C. and will be a lifelong 'Skins fan. I guess there is demand for tickets ? so I can understand management wanting to get paid or sell those tix to somebody else. I hope all the money invested in player acquisitions gets them into the playoffs this year - the sports Pundits are predicting them to be dead last in the NFC East ( BEAST ) division - I hope they are wrong.

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    I think they'll go 11-5 on the regular season.

    As far as the playoffs are concerned, I don't see them getting very deep.

    Probably get knocked out in the first round. Their division is brutal...and it'll take a toll physically in the long run.



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    They will go 11-5 and go far in the playoffs

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    OK so your a skins fan good for you.....Im a niner fan, dont think we'll be easy....I see upset by the niners and upset skins fans like you Bozo ......Oh I mean Ronald Bozo. Hey enjoy the boring Lions game.... your skins should win....or could the Lions pull a silence of the lambs?

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    theyll go far but not to the superbowl

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