I saw a TV show that was dedicated to Lina Morgana. I was not aware of her death. What happened to her?

Her MySpace page says she died tragically on October 4, 2008. I can not find an article or obituary for her. She was so young and talented...

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    I too checked out her myspace page. Perhaps someone should email the person who runs her myspace and ask them. If you do please post here.

    EDIT- I just emailed them and am waiting for a response.

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    I saw the same show and could not find anything on her death. After the show, I looked her up and found her Myspace page with her music on it. Her songs are so powerful and really touch you. Its sad when someone so young with so much to give is taken so soon.

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    I saw that tv show also on BIO channel Celebrity ghost stories..and I too was wondering why they had a dedication to her at the end..I don't know the mystery about her tragic death but I do know now why she was on that show from her blog, Lina's character plays the young GINA GERSHON as a college student.

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    i too, saw a show this afternoon (oct 26th. 2008) that said in remembrance of lina morgana. i looked on the net also to see who she was and found all this beautiful music...what a waste...lovely voice, and probably a promising career to come if it is indeed true that something has happened to her.

    wish i could remember the end of the show i was watching but it was on a cable dv recorder box...i erased the show, but i think it was one of those psychic investigation shows

    i didnt find anything of her passing, but seems funny they would put in remembrance of her at the end of the show.

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  • Dee
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    I don't think it is true...I hope not. I couldn't find anything about it. Usually when something like this happens it is all over the net.

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