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Do the terrorists actually want McCain to win, since his tough approach would energize their base?

McCain's policies would likely motivate terrorist groups more. So wouldn't terrorist group leaders want McCain to win?

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    You are dead wrong, my friend. It is Obama they want elected.......as he is as devious and deadly as they are........

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    No. They're rooting for Obama to win because of his muslim background. Obama wants to yank the troops out of Iraq and will also cut military spending. If he's elected, terrorists will see that as an open door to attack us again - and I can also practically guarantee that he'll cut funding for homeland security as well, so I believe that we'll see another 9/11 if Obama's elected - NOT McCain! The terrorists know that McCain will continue the fight against terrorism - Obama will not!

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    If McCain wins, that will simply reinforce all their concerns about a hostile, aggressive and invasive U.S., since McCain was part of the regime that created so much of the hostility. Extremists would use it as propaganda. They are angry, and McCain would justify a lot of their anger.

  • It amazes me what a bunch of war mongers Americans are. As soon as some one starts talking about opening up relationships with Cuba, or having a dialogue with Iran, they are perceived as week and pro terrorist.

    The financial mess the US is in is WELL deserved. I hope it continues until the US economy in on its knees begging for foreign help. That day is not too far.

    And mean while, the economy in Iran and the Arab countries and other Moslem nations in South East Asia is flourishing.

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    A vote for McCain is a wasted vote, but I wouldn't vote for Obama either.


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    No they want a weak prez like obama. If he gets on office and we maintain dem control in congress, terrorists will have a field day. We will be screwed in the US.

  • Cuba, Iraq, and one country in Africa only...The rest of the world want Obama...The Terrorist that hate us have a reason...McCain comes from the party that has created that hatred...Obama and his party are viewed more as peaceful...

  • red
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    No, they want Obama in the White House. He's going to cut the military, which gives the bad guys LOTS of opportunity.

    Think about it.

    "Terrorists attack people because they are angry"??? No way, it's their religion!

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    1 decade ago

    If they want McCain to win, then why are they giving millions to Obama to help him win?

    They want Obama to win.

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    1 decade ago

    Very right. They love the "smoke them out" george bush approach.

    Al-Qaeda is stronger than ever before. If McCain is president, they will even more stronger in 2012.

  • That's what "they" say, according to some media sources - that Al Qaeda wants McCain to win because he will exhaust the US resources going to war and staying at war. And when the resources are exhausted, they will come and finally destroy the USA.

    But it could be made up to make McCain look bad.

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