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Anyone vacation to Ohio?

Has anyone ever took a vacation to Ohio or know anyone that has! Did you or he/she like it. I live here in Ohio and i wonder sometimes if other people from other states actually like Ohio or going on Vacation in Ohio. Where in Ohio do you go to?

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    I live in Ohio and there are plenty of place people can visit for vacation. I also know people who come here for vacation. Kings island is one of the most famous places in Ohio that people come to! Also there is the Beach Waterpark, and other monumental things! People may also come to visit relatives. Also people come here to Ohio because they try visisting as many states as they can. Weather sometimes keeps people from coming to Ohio!

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    I live in Ohio and despise it, but I know that a ton of people come out here for the Salt Fork Arts and Crafts festival, for Jamboree in the Hills, and they love to visit this area because of the high arts and crafts (including glass makers and pottery) industry here. I live in Southeastern Ohio, by the way.

    Like I said, I hate this state, but I know that people come from all over, even from other countries to visit here. A guy I was seeing had been to every state in the U.S. pretty much, but finds it "pretty" here. I just don't get the appeal...

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    I think where ever you live your going to hate it because you've been there for so long. Like I live in florida and I would love to get away. I'm sick of the hot weather and unchanging seasons. I would love a white christmas, but I don't and haven't yet.

    So Ohio is very appealing to me. Not to much flat land and beautiful scenery with seasons! Palm trees get old all-year round, and so does the beach.

    But like I said, it's just because I live here. It's perfect to visit and I think that goes with everyone everywhere.

    The grass is always greener on the other side. =)

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    I am an Aussie who visited the US last year. I have a good mate that lives in Ohio. We stayed with him for 5 nights and had a great time. I loved the scenery there and the people were great too. We went to the Rock and Roll hall of fame in Cleveland which was awesome. Went to Akron, and Canton and had a look around. Went to New Philadelphia and went to Wal-Mart there (I had never seen Walmart and spent 3 hours in there). went to a Halloween party in Magnolia, and went to the Trail of Terror (I believe in Bolivar). All the things we did were great, and I would love to do it again. By the way, the way you guys celebrate Halloween is awesome, there is nothing even close to that in Australia which sucks. You really have a fun, free country compared to here.

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    This native Californian went to Ohio in June, we went to the Amish Country, You have a very pretty State..We toured all the States East of the Mississippi..had a great time.

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    there is Hocking Hills (trekking), the Rock & Roll Museum in Cleveland, Museum center in Cincinnati, amusement parks (Cleveland and Cincinnati). have you ever regarded at a AAA instruction manual to Ohio? you would be shocked what's in Ohio

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    maybe to lake erie, but EW i live in ohio too, i cant imagine why anyone would want to come here lol!

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