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Why are Twilight vampires beautiful and why do they sparkle?

Okay, so the venom that's supposed to help sedate you so the vampire can kill you will somehow turn you into the perfect, immortal model with diamond cells. With creative license, I can buy that, I suppose. But WHY do they?

Vampires are predators. Sparkling in the sunlight would tell your prey that you were coming. It would give you away. Now, they supposedly sparkle and are beautiful to attract their prey - humans - which would be attracted by your physical beauty. However, Edward specifically says at some point that people purposefully didn't approach them because, due to instinct, they're scared of them. And if they're ungodly fast and strong, why do they need to lure their prey in, in the first place?


Creed B - Everything I said came directly from the Twilight series or interviews with Stephenie Meyer. I never once compared her vampires to other vampires.

Update 2:

Once again, though, I never said her version of a vampire was BAD. I never compared it to other vampires. I said that they made no sense... Something no one seems able to disprove...

All I've gotten so far is that there's no reason other than SMeyer wanted them to be, and she apparently doesn't need to back it up.

(Hogwarts existing would be the equivalent of vampires existing, not the flaws of the vampires, by the way. However, what's said about Hogwarts MAKES SENSE. What's said about her vampires doesn't. See the difference?)

Update 3:

..::Gabb... - You just restated what I said in my question.

I don't want the mechanics. I want the logic behind it.

Update 4:

Andrea {26 & 43} - Did you even read my details?

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    It's because Meyers doesn't know what she writes. She seems never to have gone to 5th grade English lessons. Her entire writing contradicts itself at every possible oppurtunity.

    I think Edward's beautiful so Bella gets attracted to Edward, LUST. Because she never talked to anyone else, the love she feels for Edward is LUST, she only talks about Edward's beauty. Nothing else.

    Another thing abut Bella, she's an idiot. Giving up her friends, her family, just so she can spend eternity as a 18 year old, is at the ery least, disturbing.

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    "As predators, we have a glut of weapons in our physical arsenal, much, much more than really necessary. The strength, the speed, the senses, not to mention those like Edward, Jasper, and I, who have extra senses as well. And then, like a carnivorous flower, we are physically attractive to our prey." - Alice Cullen

    Stephenie Meyers vampires are "the worlds best predators". Despite common (and ignorant) belief, they are unbelievably deadly. They have incredible strength, speed, senses, and indestructibility. So really, it IS overkill that they happen to be devastatingly beautiful as well.

    The reason they "sparkle" is because during the transformation from human to vampire, the venom causes the human cells to reconstruct, hardening their membranes and giving them crystal-like properties. When brilliant light hits these crystalline cells, it reflects prismatically, giving them a rainbow-like shimmer in sunlight. This is extremely conspicuous, but it, by no means, gives their prey any advantage. These vampires can run in excess of a hundred miles per hour. They can lift objects many hundreds of times their own weight. Their prey doesn't escape them. And the "sparkly skin" thing shouldn't be considered dumb either. That hard skin is nearly impenetrable, and renders them virtually indestructible. Bullets bounce off them like flies because of that sparkly skin.

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    I guess Meyer wanted to create a new era of vampires. But she shouldn't have called them vampires because it goes against everything a vampire should be--maybe something like the "Sparklies" would have worked better.

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    That's just Stephenie Meyers idea of a vampire. It's the same as comparing the original elves to the ones in LOTR or Harry Potter. It's never going to be the same because different people have different interpretations of what things should look like.

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    okay, so they're beautiful so they can (like you said) lure prey. what you said about being afraid is true too, but ALSO like you said, they're fast and strong- SO they can capture their attention and then kill their prey.

    they sparkle because "their bodies have hardened, frozen into a kind of living stone. Each little cell in their skin has become a separate facet that reflects the light. These facets have a prism-like quality–they throw rainbows as they glitter." According to Stephenie Meyer.

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    First, keep in mind that it IS just a story...I had problems accepting Meyer's logic, too. But a school of witchcraft and wizardry is even more absurd, in my opinion, yet I still love all the Harry Potter books. To answer your question as logically as possible, though, Edward has also said that vampires are given an unfair number of advantages. Their beauty is one of them. Humans are instinctually afraid of them not because of their beauty, but because their subconscious knows they are dangerous. Prey and predators both develop certain advantages against one another, but Stepehnie's humans have only one small advantage, which really won't do them any good. Which is part of the point, vampires are supposed to be super-human. You're supposed to love them, admire them, want to be them. Which is why she made them beautiful. As for the sparkling, her inspiration for Twilight came from a dream. In the dream, there was a sparkling vampire, and an average girl. They sparkle because Edward was sparkling in her dream. It doesn't do them any good, and you're right, it would probably do them bad, but this adds to their allure, and it doesn't really matter if it's a disadvantage to them, they have so many advantages over humans, it barely makes an ounce of difference.

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    I think part of it was to explain the myth of why vampires stay indoors during the day. Also, sparkles are fun! I do see your point though, it does have flaws.

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    Because when Stephenie Meyer sleeps at night she always dreams about a myserious dark fellow who is sparkly and hot as can be and will sweep her off her feet with no plot, character development or research whatsoever and gallop off into the raidant sun of an international bestseller.

    Yeah her logi makes no sense, they're pretty but people are afraid of them but this is how they lure people. Well i know a few millions of brainless fangirls who would eat edward - vampire or not.

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    I believe she said that it is a way to lure the human prey in.

    They are intrigued by the look of the people, and cant get enough and then the vampire pounces and sedates them.

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    its stephenies vampires they dont HAVE to be like other vampires but personally i think the sparkling part is stupid

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