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Why did Igor Sikorsky invent the helicopter and what scientific processes were used in the invention?

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    Almost as soon as the airplane was invented, people began trying to perfect an aircraft that would take off vertically and that would hover. Many places won't allow a regular airplane to land or take off and hover ability would be useful for many things.

    Besides the basic principles of lift and drag etc, Sikorsky had to figure out a way to counteract the torque of the lift rotor so the machine wouldn't spin. A bigger problem was the difference in lift on the rotor as it spun. As a helicopter is flying forward, the rotor is obviously rotating. As it is moving in the same direction as the machine is flying it creates more lift then the part of the rotor on the other side that is moving opposite the machine's direction. He had to design a system that would correct for this lift differential and still be light enough for an aircraft.

    Maybe this will make it easier to follow.

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    Invention Of The Helicopter

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    Just because helicopters sometimes have accidents is not a valid reason to stop using them. Jets also crash, and automobiles cause more deaths worldwide (by far) than any other form of transportation. In the early 60's it was actually cheaper to fly a New York Airways BV-107 helicopter from the airport to various destinations than to take a taxi - and much faster too! The New York Airways accident mentioned here killed 6 people. (Always too many). But how many people are killed each year in other forms of transportation? We know the answer. Passenger Helicopter services have been used in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and many other places worldwide. The reason helicopters are not used often as airliners is mostly economic. Early operations were subsidized by the US Gov't., but that stopped. It's now harder for helicopter airlines to make a profit. But helicopters are still used sometimes as airliners in parts of the world, especially in parts where access by airplane is not possible . . .

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