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Which island is better ?

i live in victoria and we are trying to find where to have our wedding , we would like one of the beautiful islands in queensland.

Two top ones at the moment are

Hamilton island

Brampton island ( finance sister got married there )

Have you ever been and what was in like ?

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    Hamilton island is built up. We had our honeymoon on Long Island which was awesome. Everything is expensive, however you are in a resort so it is to be expected. I can recommend Long Island as it is beautiful. Try and have a beach wedding on whitehaven beach (All whitsunday photos must be taken there, its the only white beach, lol). When you fly into Hamilton island airport, you can see that hamilton island is built up, there is even a high rise apartment block there, which completely destroys the look of the place. I would find a smaller Island. Hook Island is a little bit run down, I would expect better value for money. The Molle Islands are a bit quiet. And peppers resort on Long island is beautiful, but very quiet, you go there to do absolutely nothing, and I mean NOTHING. Long island resort has heaps to do, you can sit there and do absolutely nothing if you like, or you can parasail, jet ski, hire a small boat, go for a swim or snorkel, or sit in the bar pool and drink cocktails. Beer is $7 for a stubby of crown lager, and a typical cocktail will cost $14. It is expensive, but absolutely worth it.

    And congrats too.

    Source(s): Had our honeymoon at Long Island Resort 2 weeks ago.
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    Grand Cayman has suited sunsets! Theres snorkeling and Stingray Sandbar! additionally there's a amazing motel called Westin and it has a bar interior the water and that is on the coastline! Very Romantic!

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