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My buddy wants me to be a mortgage broker with him, what should I ask for?

He's offering $1000 a month salary plus 30% splits.

He mentioned something like starting at 60% before? But I'm new so he's starting me at 30%?

It's for 1st Metropolitan

I am a regional manager top salesman with him and making good money, but he wants me to do mortgages part time 4+ hours a day.

I know what I'm worth, should I be satisfied with 1000 a month?

My buddy is getting 1500 with 60% splits, but he's experienced.

I'm just damn good in sales.

I feel like I'm getting jipped

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    why on earth would you enter the mortgage business at this time?

    I'm unclear about the situation. Are you currently working with this guy and he is starting his own mortgage company? Will working this part-time cut in on the time you spend at your current job?

    Do you have to generate your own leads or will he provide them? If you are bringing in all of your own business you should get a higher split. If your buddy is paying for the marketing then $1000 plus 30% splits sounds like a good deal to me for a part time job.

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    Just tell him how you feel or just not do it. Only you can make the right decision here but whats wrong with a little part time job income plus you getting splits, I say just do it or go tell him what amount and percentage you want Good Luck and Take Care

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    depends how good u r at persuading. if u r then its a good time for that job.

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