i want to start a cleaning Business in Orlando florida what kind of buisness license do i need. ?

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    A cleaning business-whether residential or office-is a terrific way to have a stable income. And you're smart to investigate before you try and get clients! I have a Squidoo lens that gives plenty of tips.

    Here's some beginning steps:

    1. Check with your city or county clerk's office to see if you need a business license or fictitious name license. These are inexpensive ($25-$50) and usually last 3 or more years;

    2. Then, call around to insurance companies and compare prices for liability insurance (sometimes called bond). This protects you if something breaks or gets damaged while you're on the job. And, yes, sometimes you didn't do it, but with this you can keep a client! AND, when you can say to potential clients, "I have liability insurance" it not only makes you professional, but adds confidence. It shouldn't cost more than around $100-$300/yr for $100K coverage (you don't need more than that for now);

    3. Call existing cleaning companies, pretend to be a potential customer, to find out the going rates and services provided;

    4. NOW, make a nice flyer and/or introductory letter about your service and start knockin' on doors, so to speak! Dress nice, maybe have a t-shirt made up with your company name and/or logo at Cafepress.com, too. Think about magnetic signs and/or a vinyl wrap for your vehicle;

    5. And spend less than $39 on a business cleaning kit (less than that for a residential cleaning kit!) that will give you the basic contracts, forms for estimates, pricing charts and book-keeping, intro letters, supply list and resources, customer leads and other valuable tips. It will save you time and money in the long run! Plus, the guy that put this kit together has had a successful cleaning business in FLORIDA for over 15 years. I'm pretty sure, after you get the kit, he'll answer any questions you may have.

    This is a general start. There is lots of information available for you below......

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    Start An Office Cleaning Business!

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    I dont think you need a license, most people work without a license or insurance.

    But try going on this website they explain it all:


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    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/ava12

    In California you have to be "Bonded" as well. Which means that you have to show proof that you have insurance to cover accidents and liability (Theft coverage)

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    Start a corporation - www.sunbiz.org

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    Not really sure if that's right

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