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What does a Virgin feel in her first sex intercourse.?

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Ok this is a question i want to know even if im a guy. But i dont wanna ask my girl friend that. Or my doctor or even parents. What does a girl feel while have sex for the first time. ...show more
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  • Maria answered 6 years ago
I am a virgin but the statistics is this:
1. 50% of virgins experience somewhat of pain but they don't complain... it's not pain, its just pressure into their vagina.
2. 30% of virgins don't feel anything.
3. 20% of virgins experience severe pain.

Pain comes from the tearing of the hymen and the stretching of the vaginal walls. If you would like her first sex experience to be painless, do the following things:
1. Have her stretch her hymen with her fingers until it is not in the way of her vagina.
2. Insert 2-3 fingers into her vagina to stretch the walls.
3. GO VERY VERY SLOW. Don't try the penis until she is sure she is ready and her walls are permanently stretched and hymen is either broken or elastic. :)

If these procedures don't work, her gynecologist can remove the hymen for her, it takes two seconds and is completely painless. As for the vagina walls... just some practice will do. Insert one finger at a time.
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  • CC24 answered 6 years ago
    When the Penis is first inserted into the vagina it really hurts. But only for a few Moments, depending on how and how long you have intercourse with a female it should start to feel more comfortable to her.

    Yes the Vagina loosens up while having intercourse but goes back down to regular size after intercourse kinda when females have babies, its sorta like a rubber band.

    Theres not really a time when you should stop but you and her both will know when you're both tired and satisfied.
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  • voxom6 answered 6 years ago
    First of all, props for asking and caring! You must be a good boyfriend. Everyone is different I suppose, but for some girls it can be scary & a little uncomfortable the first time. It will be more comfortable after some experience. As as stopping, well, that's a matter of opinion. If you have an orgasm first (and she may be so nervous she can't) then you have to kind of figure out if she wants you to continue or end it there. If she has an orgasm first, lucky you, and I would say continue until you do. Have fun, take your time, and be safe :)
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  • Princess Heidi<3 answered 6 years ago
    Haha well you sound a little young :)
    But anyways every girl can feel something different wether it's good or bad feelings. If her hymen isn't broken, she may feel a sharp pain when it is broken, & maybe even some bleeding. If her hymen is broken due to her activities she does such as sports, it may not feel as bad, or even bad at all. Yes the vagina loosens up during sex. and you know when to stop when you c u m.(sperm)
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  • cookie answered 6 years ago
    well the First time is kinda weird in away a spot that u never felt touched b4 is now bein touched an it actually fells good an at First wen it goes in it hurts then its just tight 4 a while an the more u do it the more loose it gets an u stop once u an ur partner is satisfide


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  • stacey answered 6 years ago
    It should feel good for both people, but before engaging in any sexual activities you should talk about it with your partner and tell him/her that they should tell you if the situation becomes unpleasant or if they begin to feel uncomfortable. Usually the first experience just feels unfamiliar, and after that first time, they will be more open and more comfortable while engaging in such activities.
    sorry for the partial irrelevance.
    I hoped this answered your question :)
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  • lorskie answered 6 years ago
    Pain, wishing it would be over soon. It only gets good after the first 10 times or so.
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  • Guess Br answered 6 years ago
    the guy normally cums first and then its kinda impossible for him to go on cause the penis is too sensitive. so thats when u stop. its harder for girls to orgasm. so even if she doesnt, dont take it personally. it has to do with her hormones or something. i have personally had very very few orgasms in the one year of my relationship. and the first time hurts for the girl. but u need to be patient and take it slow. and the vagina doesnt totally loosen up the first time during the intercourse. it takes several times. and on a regular basis too.


    personal experience
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  • Mik answered 6 years ago
    It usually hurts like hell for a girl sorry to burst ur bubble
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  • misschippie answered 6 years ago
    you stop when the guy orgasms (as long as the girl is pleasured enough)
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  • What does a Virgin feel in her first sex intercourse.?
    Ok this is a question i want to know even if im a guy. But i dont wanna ask my girl friend that. Or my doctor or even parents. What does a girl feel while have sex for the first time. And when the vagina tight does it loosen up during the sexual intercourse. Also when do u know when to stop? When one of the 2 people ummm well you know what im talking about.
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  • [cutie] answered 6 years ago
    i dont know i'll tell you when it happens though..lol
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  • ..<3 answered 6 years ago
    Are you a virgin? =]
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