She Wants An Ouija Board?

My friend wants one and I'm trying to talk her out of it. She thinks that it'll be cool for the spirits to come and mess with her (idiot). Anyway, can you guys tell her exactly what an ouija board is and what it does. If you have any weird Ouija board stories to share with us, that'd be nice too.

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    Oh, a Ouija board is perfectly harmless. It's a board with the letters of the alphabet across the top and it's divided in half with a "yes" on one side and a "no" on the other. You get a little plastic goody with feet on it that'll slide easily on top of the board. At least two people ought to play the ouija game. You both put your fingers lightly on the little plastic goody (I forgot the name of this device) and you say "abra cadabra" or some other nonsensical magical formula to attract your imaginary spirits, ask some silly question and then wait for the plastic device to begin moving. Of course, it only moves if the two of you move it. But if you're sufficiently cooperative, you can get it to spell all sorts of ridiculous stuff. If one of you is dull, it just sits there and tells you nothing whatever. If one of you is hysterically inclined, that one gets scared and runs off screaming.

    But, as my 4-year-old son once observed, "I don't think a cardboard and plastic thing can be very smart." And it can't. It doesn't know diddly squat. You and the other person are the ones who move the little plastic device. But people who buy these things like to imagine that ghoulies and goblins and long-leggedy-beasties-that-go-bump-in-the-night are answering their queries, and so sometimes they do run off screeching.

    Source(s): Little old lady who never had much use for ouija boards
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    Ouija boards are not to be messed with... especially to those who are untrained or not professional in the paranormal field. Negative or evil spirits are great con artists, and if you "contact a nice spirit" it often times can be an evil one lurking under an at first seemingly innocent persona.

    They can open up gates to hell and other negative portals.

    Do not use them, even in play. Would you play with fire because you were curious or bored? (Perhaps some people might say yes... but they will eventually get burned played with such a dangerous toy).

    I am a psychic (specifically an empath/healer) and I am Catholic. I have actually had an encounter with a demonic entity before, and I wish that upon nobody.

    God bless, and keep safe.

    P.S. if you're curious about the paranormal or supernatural... go see a psychic together, that would be interesting and safe.

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    I have seen many results from Ouija board one is to become obsessed or possessed!

    "The Ouija board is a vehicle which makes it easy for negative spirits and demonic forces to enter this plane of existence." cautioned that evil spirits or demonic forces often gain the trust of people experimenting with Ouija boards by answering several questions truthfully and providing predictions.

    On Earth we live in an Earth vibration which is low. Spirit has a high vibration. That is how the two dimensions are kept apart.

    It is much easier for a "Bad earth bound spirit" to connect to you because they are on a lower vibration than Spirit

    "Once they have gained the trust of their victims, it is easy for the entity to move in and take over either by strongly influencing that person, or by outright possession," .

    People who are untrained and unsophisticated in the field of the paranormal and supernatural should never play with devices such as the Ouija board!

    Don't Get Trapped with Ouija boards

    If you want to communicate with Spirits work on your Psychic senses and do it the right way it may take longer however it is more rewarding : ) The easy way is not always the right way, you have to work for your rewards with knowledge

    Love & Blessings


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    I've used a ouija board for lots of things. These boards were originally known as spirit boards, and many christians have marketed a "nicer" version called an angel board. So far, I've never had a problem using one of these boards. They're not as evil as everyone makes them out to be- most people don't get possessed, and they don't lead to hell or anything like that. However, they could pose a problem if you don't use them correctly. You have to treat the board with respect, and follow a sort of proticol to make sure that nothing happens. Basically, you need to "protect" yourself with some sort of divine light (since I'm not sure of your religion, it's hard to describe) and make sure to close out your ouija session before walking away. It's true that any spirit can contact you, and that they can lie to you- so you have to keep that in mind as well.

    These boards are useful, and not dangerous- if you use them correctly.

    -email me if you need more info.

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    Scientific explanation

    Users subconsciously direct the path of the triangle to produce a word that is in that person's subconscious thought process. This subconscious behavior is known as ideomotor action, a term coined by William Carpenter in 1882. It is also known as automatism.[4] Some people may be convinced that the "powers" of the ouija board are real because they are unaware that they are in fact moving the piece and therefore assume that the piece must be moving due to some other "spiritual force". The subconscious thought process may produce an answer that is different from what the user expected in their conscious thought process—thus perpetuating the idea that the board has "mystical powers". Penn & Teller: Bullshit! episode on Ouija Boards, ran an experiment using unbiased participants. Questions were being asked to the late William Frawley with very strong answers. The participants were then blindfolded and the board was turned 180 degrees without their knowledge. With continued questioning, the planchette then traveled to bare areas of the board where the participants believed the "Yes" and "No" marks were located.

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    While it's produced as a board game for children and young adults...

    about as many get into something they really don't want as those

    that have no adverse side effects.

    The ones that do have problems end up having to bother expreienced

    Witches, Ceremonial Magicians, or Shamans to "clear" their homes...

    or in some cases the persons involved. And by rights...the ones who

    provide a service like that should be compensated for it.

    Here's a couple of links.

    Source(s): What happened when you used the ouija board?;_ylt=Amje9... Ouija bored question?;_ylt=Apyyx...
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    A Ouija board is like a portal for spirits to communicate with. They are very dangerous. Once you let one in, you may find that you have a hard time getting rid of it. Also you never know who you are talking to, and they can lie. So best just not to mess with one at all.

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    The Ouija board is a 19th century American parlor game. It was invented by Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard, pat nr. 446,054 issued Feb 10, 1891. The name and supposed mystical history were created as a marketing ploy. The patent was sold to Parker bros. in 1966, and their version is available in many toy stores, or you can get it on line.

    She could also try a Mattel "Magic 8 Ball", a lot of kids enjoy those as well.

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    The Ouija is not just a piece of material. He has one goal: to communicate with spirits. Not all who play are aware of the evil they do not necessarily have the desire to offend God, at least in our culture that many do not have Christian formation. But not for that reason ceases to be the spiritual Ouija a serious danger.

    Maybe the player does not believe in spirits and think that the game runs by accident or other reason, such as energies of the mind, and so on. But usually when you know at least what the course objective and play it anyway, perhaps as a challenge, for ridicule, for challenge or out of curiosity. In any case it is meddling in the murky area of the occult. It is not on the board if the problem but the heart that makes use of it.

    The evil has its consequences but is in between their networks by ignorance, blindly led by the flow of the atmosphere, by deception or difficult situations to avoid. Many young people who get into drugs or prostitution, for example, were not fully aware of the evil that fell. Why not stop ruining their lives. I do not want to condemn, but rather seek warn of the danger and, if it has fallen into, announce that in Christ there is forgiveness and new life.

    Many good Christians do not understand the harm of the Ouija because they do not understand the reality of the spiritual battle and the action of evil spirits. That's why it must be alerted to the danger without clutches, but also the infinite mercy of God who wants to liberate us and forgive us.

    Should I ask if anything bad happens to you

    First I must tell you that something does happen in your contact with the Ouija.

    The devil has managed to poison your soul and make you believe that it is better to be on their side. Having achieved that does not need more. It is precisely why I say that the Ouija is not a game but a malicious tool of the devil.

    Dear __, God is your Father, you created out of love for you to be happy with Him all eternity. Everything good, beautiful, loving God is. The only loves us infinitely. The devil invites you to renounce God and you promise things. Rather invites you to abuse what God has created. But what is worth having the whole world if you lose your soul?. Nothing in this world worth if we deviate from God.

    We must renounce the devil

    Why renounce the devil?. Because he is a murderer with his lies that we want to remove the love of God. You want to buy things when they belong to God. You want to reduce their selfishness and perversion when you were created to love and be loved.

    It provides for the love of Jesus that we died on the Cross. These time. Renunciation of the devil and open your heart to Jesus Christ's mercy.

    You say that nothing bad will happen with the Ouija. I'm telling you if: Every time you play will be away from the truth to adhere more to look at the Ouija. This seems to say nice things. Is the strategy of the devil, because you know that talking about "nice" is the best way of deception. The devil is still has to make good if you can fool with it and earn your trust. Later, having done good to go through, it will be easier to guide them to sin and trapped souls. Understand that the devil is clever and is like a roaring lion looking for who to devour.

    It is God whom we must seek with all their heart. No to the Ouija. Why go to the Ouija? Because curiosity that gives them talk of spirits beyond. But know that God has communicated with us and continues to communicate by the way that he has established. There is no other. The talks to us through His Word, The Holy Bible and Apostolic Tradition. Shows us the whole truth in the Church, gives us good people who respect and obey God. The gives us His Body and Blood in the Eucharist, forgive us our sins in confession. He is alive and if we really open our hearts, we will know each other, to love and communicate with him beautifully. Read the lives of the saints and you will see that you too can be good. To learn to listen should be emptied of both selfishness and know address from the heart.

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    An Ouija board is just a game board and a plastic pointer. There's nothing supernatural about it. My friends and I used to use one all the time when we were kids, but subconsciously (or sometimes consciously) you manipulate the board to make it say what you want it to. Nothing ever happens.

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