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Who is better Jason Vorhees or Michael Meyers ?

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    jason is better because u know hes already dead.

    I think michael is scary too but its so stupid he survives everything and they make him outsmart everyone.

    jason at least is more believable in surviving everything.

    His powerful strength because of hes big and tall. Has a way better bigger weapon than michael. And the jasons mask is always f**ked up.

    Michaels masks varies from very clean to a used masked i know if hes wearing a clean mask he stole it or bought it from the halloween store but I still choose jason being the better killer

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    I like Michael Myers better but I think it is hilarious no matter how fast the person getting chased runs, michael or Jason can take their time and always catch up. But maybe that is because all of the idiots find a way to trip and fall 30 times.

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    I'd rather be in a fight with Michael Meyers than Jason. Jason has super human strength and really never dies. Michael Meyers, although manages to survive all the time, is still human and can be killed.

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    1 decade ago

    micheal myers cause u just cant stop him and jason is a zombie so mike kicks way more butt

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