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Army BCT question of spouse and IG?

what happens when the army is informed of a spouse that ran away with the kid and then left for the army leaving our child with her parents. i contacted the inspector Generals office of this. but am curious as to what may happen to her. we are still legally married. and me and my child are under her deers healthcare.


she left without my consent to P.R with my 7year girl. her parents do not have custudy from us both. she is sending all of her money to them. she informed me of her departure to the army. my daughter remains with her parents agiast my will. with zero contact. all her military money is going to them. there is no housing yet.

Update 2:

my wife left because i cheated. she came agian because she forgave me. and i got recently treated with a tumor. she attacked me with a hammer and in self defence we fought with my friend present. she ran away agian. and was supposto appear in court to uphold her charges. she never came. only 4 months later to rekindle our marriage. and then left agian. with my witness it is false charges agiast me.

Update 3:

i do not wish to ruin her carrear. she needs to find her purpose. i am fine with her decison but not of our child present status. she feels my disibilty will not help long term. it is her reason to join.

Update 4:

am looking for advice concerning this matter because i contacted the IG of this.

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    I'm confused.... Did she not tell you that she was joining the Army? Are your children with you or her parents? What exactly do you want the IG to do? If you're being taken care of ie housing, medical then she isn't doing anything illegal.

    Edited to add based on additional info you posted:

    The IG nor the Army is going to do anythig nor should they this is a civil matter not a military matter.

    First ....she doesn't need yours or anyone elses permission to join the service.

    Second ....the issue with your kids is a legal and civil matter you need to talk to a lawyer and seek custody through the courts. If she left the kids without your permission and the situation in your home is good for them then they will award them back to you. If not they will leave them where they are. It sounds like she is supporting them and you're not so what do you think is going to happen here? She is providing food, clothing and medical care for them. What have you provided them with since they went to her parents? It seems that she probably thought they would be safer and better taken care of there. So she did what was best for the children.

    Third.... you cheated, you violated your marriage, that isn't going to look good for you. It seems that she did something to try and better the situation even if you didn't agree with it that doesn't make it the wrong choice for her and the children.

    Forth... if she attacked you why didn't you call the police and file charges against her? Sounds alittle fishy to me there.... especially if you had a witness like you claim here. If she didn't appear for court they will do wht thye need to do to resolve that situation. You say false charges against you.. for what... just because you got back together with her it doesn't erase that she supposedly attacked you and it doesn't erase you cheating on her.

    Fifth... It sounds like you need to seek a lawyer and file for divorce. Leave the Military OUT of the situation. It has nothing to do with it or the divoce. The Military didn't tell her to leave you and it didn't tell you to cheat, it also isn't the source of your issues your treatment (the cheating) of eachother is the issue.

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    As a retired army sergeant I can tell you that BCT is as hard as it needs to be to give you a background in the military and to be sure you are in physical shape. Hard? sure, as hard as navy seal or SF?, not even close. It is Basic training, Basic weapons, basic hand to hand, basic physical fitness. Will you be in better condition at the end? No doubt. But BCT does not make you a superman.

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    If your still legally married, then you should still have custody of your kid. I suppose you could retrieve the kid from her parents house and if they refuse, it would be similar to kidnapping. Other than a bunch of "unethical" decisions I dont see anything your wife did as being illegal. I say "unethical" because you never eplained why your wife ran away from you and took your kid. Your question is a little confusing because its hard to tell whether your trying to get your kid back or try to ruin your spous' life/career. File for divorce and move on.

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    first because of the war right now they wont pull him back, for the moment, but when she comes back he will get into trouble, i really don't know the maxim. i never heard something like that...

    Sorry about that..

    Source(s): Pvt. Diaz 2/104 88th Brgd/ 42nd Infantry/ MP Div.
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