Christian Holidays v. Wiccan Holidays?

There are eight sabbats which are celebrated by Wiccans. They have little difference from the main Christian holidays because the Christian holidays have their origins in pagan celebrations which existed BEFORE Christianity. Christmas originated from the pagan Yule celebration, not the birth of Christ. Easter comes from the pagan sabbat of Eostar not what Christians believe as that Jesus was resurrected from the dead two days after his crucifixion.

But Wiccans/Celts/Pagans are the wrong religions? Thanks for taking our Holidays and telling us we don't exist. What do you think about this?

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    oh dear. Here we go again. When a Wicca asks questions like this we get people saying we never existed before the 50's while others say we are wrong to think that Christians stole and either say "Borrowed" or say that we have nothing in common. Believe what they like, I know the truth, and I am sure you do too.

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    Wiccan Holidays

  • Aya
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    Well, I think the issue of holidays and the issue of whether a particular religion is right or wrong are only tangentially related. That is, people might use a religion's holidays as one example out of many to show why a religion is wrong, but it's not usually the main or only reason.

    That said, I think a lot of Christians are really ignorant about the basis of Christian holidays, and even those who know are often ignorant of just how many of the old non-Christian elements have been passed down. For example, most of the Christians in my life have no clue why Easter celebrations include rabbits and eggs. They have no idea that Yule is a separate holiday from Christmas (consider all the Christmas songs, stories, and customs that use Yule as an alternate name for the entire Christmas holiday season) and that said separate holiday happens within a few days of Christmas every year. My mom was so clueless about all things Pagan that she bought me a shirt with the Celtic Pagan Wheel of the Year on it (while we were all still practicing Catholics no less) and then a few years later bought me these little silver earrings of butterflies with pentacle for bodies. In both cases she had no clue what she had gotten until I finally told her. So for her, a denial that Pagans or their holidays still exist wouldn't have been based on malicious intent, just on being totally clueless until I finally learned enough and got comfortable enough to explain it to her as best I could. I would go so far as to argue that for most Christians, their claim that modern Pagans don't exist is based more on ignorance than any malicious intent, but because of the rather vocal minority that seems intent on labeling us as terrible people who shouldn't be allowed to live in peace and who shouldn't exist, all Christians get painted with the same negative brush.

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    Christians did not take ceremonies from Wiccans as Wicca, which I have practiced for over 20 years, is less than 70 years old.

    People claiming otherwise are asked, once more, to provide evidence of Wicca having existed before the twentieth century. As always they will "forget" this proof or say "I'll give it to you later" then not do so. Then bring up their unproven, unwarranted claims again and again and call those asking for proof big meanies for not wanting their religions lied about.

    What's especially funny about your rant is that Wiccans don't practice Eostar, and both Ostara and Yule were names given to Wiccan holidays in the late 1950s, after our liturgy was already well publicized....

    How can Christians be stealing a name we did not use until more than a decade after Wicca's beginning?

    I'd like to know which "us" you're talking to, and how you think this sort of digging for persecution helps any of us.

    • Robin4 years agoReport

      My're only right by a technicality. Yes, Wicca isn't that old..yes, the Names of Our Sabbats aren't that old..but here's where you start to flounder. When Christanity first started to try and Convert my ppl, it was easier to have Their holidays close to the Pagan Solstices.

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    I think we just need to get over it. The holidays now are not celebrated for the same reasons they were celebrated when the Christians "Borrowed" Pagan holidays. Christmas is celebrated as a time to be with family and loved ones (and getting presents, hee hee hee); Easter is again about being with family. Some may celebrate it in their own personal ways in regards to their own beliefs, but why dwell on it?? Celebrating these holidays should be a personal (or well, family) thing.

    Who cares???

  • I think you're half right. It's well-known that Christmas was stolen from the pagans. However, while the name and traditions associated with Easter are pagan, the holiday itself is not. Jesus was crucified the day after Passover, which falls in the Jewish month of Nisan, on the 14th. Therefore, Jesus was resurrected on the 17th of Nisan, which coincides with March/April on the Gregorian calendar. There was some debate in the early church whether to celebrate Jesus' resurrection on Nisan 17 every year, no matter which day of the week it fell on, or to celebrate it on the first Sunday after Passover. Obviously, the latter won out.

    But what does it matter?

  • FROG E
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    Christian holidays originated when Constantine started the Catholic religion and combined Christianity with Pagan rituals.

    Most Christians know this....and although they are on the same days....we do not celebrate the pagan holidays.

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    Christian holidays were placed on or near the pagan holidays to override them. It was a power thing.

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    Pagan yes, Wiccan no. Wicca was not around until the 1950's.

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    Sooner or later you'll hear the expression, "History is written by the victors."

    This is a classic example.

    It's not right, but that's what happened.

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