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Is Daniel Alfredsson of the Ottawa Senators NHL team, really that dirty? ?

Everyone who hates Alfie says the only reason they hate him is because "he's a damn dirty player". Really people? I can see him maybe being considered dirty by Swedish standards, but come on. This is the NHL. We're known for having the cheapest, roughest, dirtiest, meanest, toughest and aggressive players of any league of any sport. Only in the NHL can a guy legally go up to a player on the other team and give him a little shot in the chin and skate away. So what if Alfie gives a guy an extra shove to the ice behind his own net? does this really compare to Chris Simon? Or Sean Avery? Or Chris Pronger? Or Todd Bertuzzi? And think about the greatest players of all time. Gordie Howe was a beast. He was mean, tough, dirty, and made a reputation for being able to fight, set up, and score in the same game. And Maurice Richard. That guy was intence. He was one of the most agressive players in his era. Jerome Iginla. Need I say more? And people say Alfie whines too much. Gretzky? Crosby? Ever hear of 'em?

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    Some people are naive, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Alfie doesn't play dirty, but he has his days where he gets frustrated and does something dumb like any other player in the NHL. Honestly the only example of a dirty play I've witnessed by him was the game where he shot the puck at Scott Niedermayer, which was like five years ago.

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    There are a lot of people out there that have no idea what it means to be a dirty player. They just toss the label around because they don't like a player or team. A dirty player is one who intentionally tries to hurt another player. In fact to use your own info, even Sean Avery isn't really a dirty player. He may do some unsportsmanlike things and be a royal PIA, but he doesn't try to hurt another player like Simon or Pronger.

    In my book Scott Stevens was a very dirty player. He was good at disguising his hits and making them look legal, but his intention was to injure the other player. He rates right up there w/ Claude Lemieux as far as I'm concerned. And Inginla can cross over the line at times when he has one of his "hissy" fits.

    As far as whiners, your'e right, Wayne, Mario, Sidney and several others all did some whining.

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    NO Alfie isn't as dirty as a lot of other NHL'ers. Di you see that clean hit he gave Pronger last night? Then Pronger hacks his ankle with his stick & doesn't get a penalty? There are way more dirty players out there than Alfredson.

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    Alfredsson and 'dirty' don't belong in the same sentence.

    Don't sweat it too much. The people who whine about Alfie are the ones who are jealous and wish he was on their team. People do the same thing about Ovechkin, Crosby, Lecavalier, etc.

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    I could never see him as a dirty player. True, everyone has be to somewhat of a dirty player to make it anywhere in the league, however, lol, I don't see Daniel Alfredsson anywhere close to being as dirty as the names above.

  • Alfredsson dropped a few notches in my book when he deliberately shot that puck at Scott Niedermayer at the end of a period in the 2007 final.

    Gutless, cowardly move.

  • rotner
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    the only one I actual have a difficulty with is Gonchar. Michalek replaced into maximum advantageous in objectives in the past a concussion. Spezza's at a PPG %., Alf's doing nicely for his age. Karlsson is easily deserving. Gonchar? Meh. yet there is often dud interior the ASG. i will recover from it. it is not like the NHL placed him in. The followers did.

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