What is the average salary for an Teacher?

What is the average salary for an middle and high school Family Consumer Science teacher in Iowa? How many hours a week do they have to work? Can they also do some coaching?

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    The average salary in Iowa is $41,000 but this is with years of experience. Just starting out you're looking at around $26,000. Subject taught doesn't make a difference. Contracted time (on school grounds) is usually about 43 hours a week, but a teacher's job does not end when the students go home. You will spend hours at home planning stellar lessons that grab students' attention, meet state and national standards, and create any supplemental materials needed. There's also grading papers, making assignments, and writing exams. PLUS, teachers also come in early and stay late to help students who need/ask for extra help. In any other job that would be considered overtime and be eligible for extra pay. Alas, not in this profession. Yes, teachers can coach which gives them a small stipend.

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    salary depends on how much the county can afford to pay. larger counties usually pay more than smaller ones. the subject being taught doesn't matter, but what degree the teacher has does. besides teaching during school hours, the teacher usually has work to take home, like papers to grade. teachers are encouraged to help with extracurricular activities and are paid a small stipend for doing things like coaching.

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