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Presidential candidates usually collect the endorsements of governors, senators and aldermen. But Obama is getting the backing of thug after thug on the international scene. Castro became the latest when, in an article in the Cuban government organ Granma, he gave the Democratic front-runner the closest thing to an endorsement the communist despot has ever bestowed.

Castro called Obama, "this man who is doubtless, from the social and human points of view, the most progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency."

This comes after Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega praised Obama and his political allies as "laying the foundations for a revolutionary change" in America.

Then there's the seized laptop of Raul Reyes, warlord with Colombia's Marxist-Leninist FARC narcoterrorist group slain in an army raid in March. It contained Reyes' cheery report of some "gringos" he met assuring him that Obama would be the next president.

Which raises a question: When Obama promised, as he did in a recent speech on Latin American policy, that "we will fully support Colombia's fight against the FARC," does that mean more military aid or just "social" aid?

Data on Reyes' computer also implicated Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as supporting FARC as it tries to overthrow Colombia's government. Can we guess from all this who Chavez himself would like to see in power in Washington? And let's not forget the chief political adviser to Hamas' Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh remarking, "We like Mr. Obama, and we hope he will win the election." By contrast, Obama rival John McCain was blasted by Castro earlier this year when the Arizona senator reiterated claims made in his memoirs of Cuban Communists torturing U.S. POWs in Hanoi. "Let me remind you, Mr. McCain," said Castro, "the commandments of the religion you practice prohibit lying." The Castros and Chavezes and Mahmoud Ahmadinejads of today's dangerous world are masters of the lie. That's why Sen. Obama's willingness to speak to all of them without precondition so thrills these enemies of freedom.

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The plumber represented many people in different professions. It was Osama that made the statement basically saying......."I'm going to take your hard earned money and give it to somebody down the ladder?

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    Why would a communist want to endorse him? Hmmmm This just gets worse all the time. Sorry but the bots won't take the rose colored glasses off. I bet they will bring up Al queda but not provide a link.



  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Did you know that Raila Odinga of the socialist party in Kenya where Obama campaigned for Odinga has a son named Fidel Castro Odinga?

    Look it up

    Kenya had ethnic cleansing because Odinga was angry when he lost.

    We are being taken over by extremists and I am not pro BUSH by very well informed and read. Out of the pot and into the fire is the end of the USA

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's telling that on a recent O'Reilly ambush, Bill Ayres was seen wearing a T-shirt with the red star on black... which Rage Against The Machine used as their logo, but that's not why he's wearing it... Ayres is wearing it to show his solidarity with communism and socialism (which RATM agreed with and themed most of their songs around). The red star itself began with Communist Red China, and on the black background was used to repreesnt the Zapista Army of National Liberation (which is the group Ayres supports).

    And, as it turns out, Ayres did not seek out Obama. OBAMA SOUGHT OUT BILL AYRES.

    Obama (in his own words, read his books) became a socialist radical during his heavy drug use days in college. That's when he discovered the 60's radical extremist beliefs and fell in love with them.

    So, when he moved back to Chicago, he sought out radicals, and he continues to embrace socialist revolutionaries as his ideal. Remember his praise of China during the Olympics, indicating that "they do things right" versus the capitalist United States?

    Obama represents the last chance for the hippie generation, the radical 60's extremists, to capture the White House and Congress and **** it up just like they ****ed everything else up that they have touched. They are the worst of the self-centered ME generation that only thinks of themselves and their extreme left-wing utopian fantasies. And if it actually causes chaos and misery, well, that's not their fault -- they "meant" well.

    What I can't believe is that the generations that followed them, particularly Gen X and Gen Y, are such gullible followers. I was heartened by a recent poll that claimed 60% of people aged 18-26 say their are voting for McCain... but the fact that even 40% would ruin their own lives in the long term by believing the continued deceptions of a generation that has a LONG HISTORY of ruining everything they touch with total disregard for the generations that follow them, that really leaves me bewildered.

    But it makes sense. The boomers have been coddling our generations for decades, making our lives so easy and making us so dependent on them, that so many of my peers still live at home or heavily depend on monthly allowances from mommy and daddy. So the idea of government taking over as their adult nanny, letting them continue to play X Box all day and have TOTAL LOSER lives perpetually bound and enslaved by the government, has real appeal to them.

    (Not me, I couldn't WAIT to leave my parents house and by the time I was 19 I was already earning $45K as a PART-TIME web programmer, while I was going to college F/T! I revelled in my independence, and that's why Obama's hypnosis has ZERO sway over me... I'm not at all fooled.)

    Hopefully that 60% number was right, and there are actually a lot of my peers who GET IT too. It will be up to US to rebuild the country after Obama and his sycophant Congress complete ruin it.

    I just hope the other 40% who fell for Obama's lies don't expect me to pity them when they lose their job or watch their salaries dwindle and realize that the $50 a month they spend on text messaging is suddenly a luxury they cannot afford. Because I won't. They will have chosen that destiny, so they will have to learn the hard way how to GROW UP.

  • 3 years ago

    Who cares if he's solid adequate for Jewish endorsement? The elections are not held in israel (inhabitants 7 million). The elections are held in solid ol us of a (inhabitants 350 million).

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your information is great , as to the spin that you place on it is where i chose to disagree . Obviously we allowed and supported the policies of the Bush administration .Obviously not world leaders agreed with his policies . We sit alone on many views . Iraq did not have WMD , NORAD was under Cheney's and Bush's watch on 9/11 ,the financial crisis resembles ENRON . Bush could be crooked , so other leaders see this as CHANGE , welcoming the next president . I trust he can walk the international line and handle or coexist with world leaders .

  • 1 decade ago

    according world polls cuba is one of 3 countries that would vote McCain. The rest of the world is lit up blue.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Also, several million dollars of is money come from the terrorist over seas. they want him in office. They pay so much that his campaign is spending 3 times as much as McCain.

  • 1 decade ago

    Like recognizes like. These dictators know that Obama would like exactly the same kind of regime where he and only he is in charge.. so he can " spread the wealth around".. socialize everything.. make everything government owned.

    That is communism folks... get used to it!

  • John
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    1 decade ago

    The more endorsement we can get the better the chance we can change this world for the sake of good.

    Did it occur to you that people change and it's not always for the worst.

    We can exploit this opportunity and make the world a better place. By keeping our enemies closer....

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe because unlike McCain, Obama would actually be willing to TALK to them about the world problems!

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