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What exactly is noise pollution?

I remember hearing about it on t.v. but i wasn't really paying attention because i was very busy.

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    Noise pollution is where there is really loud noise to the point of it being unnatural. It's like when an airplane flies over your house, or maybe a bunch of loud motorcycles racing down your street. Noise pollution can be so loud that it causes you to go deaf or your body can vibrate from the noise. It can be like being in a loud rock concert. So yes, those are examples of noise pollution.

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    Noise pollution (or environmental noise) is displeasing human- or machine-created sound that disrupts the activity or balance of human or animal life. A common form of noise pollution is from transportation, principally motor vehicles.The word "noise" comes from the Latin word nausea meaning "seasickness", referring originally to nuisance noise.

    W Latin!

    I'm kidding...BleaH!

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    Any sound that you (personally) find annoying, or distracting. It doesn't have to be loud, or painful. Some people like it quiet when they sleep, others turn on a Fan, T.V., or Radio to help them sleep (we turn on a fan). So, noise pollution is a sound that YOU find annoying, or distracting.

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    An unnatural amount of noise which disrupts the enviornment.

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    Mixture of unwanted, loud sound that cause pain in our ears that is unpleasant to bear with and may even start headaches.

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