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Are we headed for a collapse, and should we start investing in food instead of the stock market?

Hard times have some flirting with survivalism

Economic angst has Americans stockpiling 'beans, bullets and Band-Aids’

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    No offence dude...but every time I switch on the TV or radio I get this doom & gloom story, essentially it’s a whole man-made concept & as humans we don’t like having our priviledges withdrawn or having to tighten our belts…. It sucks.

    But before we get too whiny about it – it needs to be taken in context….. when was the last time you trod on a landmine & lost a leg or had to walk 12 miles for water for your family knowing you could be raped on the way there?… we are unspeakably lucky, we have food, water & electricity & most of all some degree of political & religious freedom. If my mortgage payments go up so much I can’t afford to meet them & I have my house repossessed & have to move into a council flat – big deal?… I’d count myself lucky to have a roof over my head at all.

    We really are luckier than we think…… thank god for that, if that’s your thing, or your own deity but don’t think money is the be all & end all – it’s not……

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    Well, according to most economic experts, we haven't seen the end of the drop. Housing prices and the stock market will continue to drop periodically for about the next six months to a year before they hit bottom. When they do finally hit bottom at that time and start rising again it will be a great time to reinvest in the market. This time frame will be easy to observe because it will appear as the opposite of what we have seen. Instead of the market plummeting 2000 points in a week, we will see that much of a rise. Don't buy in until the DOW is between 9500-10000.

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    Wow... analyzing the earlier 6 solutions reminds me in simple terms how ignorant all and sundry is to this. surely the final thank you to get all started interior the inventory marketplace with little capital is... open a brokerage account (like etrade) at 18 with 'little or no capital' as you positioned it, i assume you have one hundred-5000 precise? So do not do a digital ingredient and waste it sluggish. What you may desire to do is come across a company you relish like a objective, google, starbucks or despite and in simple terms make investments. human beings may additionally help understand, do fundamentals or technicals, you recognize, do your homework, however the sorrowful certainty with reference to the marketplace is that it truly is a legalized playing and pyramid scheme. The final to circulate into are those making the early traders wealthy. who're the early traders...nicely that is people who purchase on the popular marketplace. what's which you ask? that's the investment bankers who furnish up preliminary inventory possibilities to their pals, relatives, and extreme means traders. Us standard individuals are constrained to the secondary marketplace. So once you notice google circulate from 520 to 750 in 60 days... and take a glance at to invest at 749... you're screwed, cuz you're on the backside of the pyramid scheme. despite i'm rambling. yet you get the element i'm hoping. in simple terms make investments, yet do not shop on with the team. %. a funky product or company and circulate with your intestine.

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    It is common sense to have more than a week's food supply on hand. We used to can the garden, filling the root cellar with it, plus have plenty of flour, sugar, etc., and butcher our own meat to keep the freezer full. Now that we live in town, I do that by shopping for what's on sale when it's on sale, with canned goods, pantry items, and meat in the freezer that will keep us several months if needed.

    It's not 'survivalism' or extreme to be stocked with enough to eat if the trucks stop running. As for the stock market, you shouldn't put there more than you'd put on the blackjack table in Vegas.

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    The collapse is driven by fear. Now is a good time to invest - it may go down some more, but it will recover. Invest wisely, especially in large diversified companies such as 3M, General Mills, and GE which have had high stock values before, but currently considerably lower. They will recover with the economy.

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    Read Matthew 6:33

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    ahahaha Oh Papa Bear! You are so cute. But it looks to me like you got off to one hell of a head start investing already. Whoohoowalei ahha. May you and yours always be blessed with a hill of beans and never have need for bullets nor Band-Aids.

    Source(s): Good luck to you Papa Bear and have a wonderful weekend.
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    I plan to go vigilante and start my own cult

    Jazzman, we live in a connected world economy, you can't independently rebuild your own with any success without the rest of the world joining in. The USA's national debt was sold to China, a few years back, for instance, and without international trade no single economy can stand on its own two feet anymore.

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    I doesn't hurt to be safe. I, personally, am thankful for knowledge of plants and herbal medicine. I know that sounds lame, but it couldn't hurt. I think if we do end up in a global collapse, my survival skills will get me through.

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    No, now is the time to invest in stocks. As they say, buy low, sell high. If you want to diversify your portfolio, then invest in beans, bullets, and Band-Aids too, as well as municiple bonds, international stocks, CD's, etc.

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