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---40分40分 F.4/5 Phy Chem Biology -----Science 高手進


其中 Phy / Chem / Biology 都幾頭痛


邊d 要溫得仔細d和要背



1.1 Temperature

1.2 Heat and internal

1.3 Heat capacity and specific heat capacity

2.1 Latent heat

2.2 Evaporation


1. What is Chemistry

2. Fundamentals of Chemistry

3. The atmosphere

4. Oceans

5. Rocks and minerals

6. Atomic structure

7. The Periodic Table

8. Chemial Bonding : Ionic Bonding


1.1 What is biology

1.2 Why do we study

1.3 Important biological inventions and discoveries

1.4 Biological terms

1.5 How do we study biology

1.6 The characteristics of living organisms


2.1 What are organisms made of

2.2 The functional roles of the organic substances in organisms

2.3 The importance of water to life

2.4 The presence of minerals in all living cells

3.1 Discovery of cells ( Extension )

3.2 Microscope ( Extension )

3.3 Basic structure of a cell

3.4 The similarities and differences between plants and animal cells

3.5The cell as a basic unit of life

4.1 Metabolism

4.2 The role of enzymes in metabolism

4.3 The nature and properties of enzymes

4.4 The mechanism of enzyme action

4.5 Factors affecting anzyme activity

4.6 Movement of substance across the cell membrane

Physics and Biology 係目前最逼切的


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40分 會比快而準--有point的人


I am F.4

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    1.1 Temperature

    (does it included thermometer? if yes, please remember how to calibrate a thermometer)

    1.2 Heat and internal

    (please remember heat transfer from object with high temperature to object with low temperature, despite the internal energy, i.e. heat can transfer from object with low internal energy to object with high internal energy because the former one got higher temperature.

    Also, please remember internal energy counts two factors: temperature and mass or volume. An object can have low internal energy even if its temperature is high as its mass is very small while an object can have high interanl energy although its temperature is low because its mass is large)

    1.3 Heat capacity and specific heat capacity

    (please bear in mind the definition of heat capacity and specific heat capacity. Also please remember the two formulae : energy absorbed/released = mass*specific heat capacity*change in temperature and energy absorbed/released = heat capacity*change in temperature. )

    2.1 Latent heat

    (please bear in mind the definition of latent heat. Also please remember the formula: energy absorbed/released = mass*latent heat

    2.2 Evaporation

    (please bear in mind that evaporation occurs all the time and at different temperatures, not just 100 degree C, it is boiling in 100 degree C, not evaporation)

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    Chapter 1: please remember the seven characteristics of living organisms

    Chapter 2: please remember two to three roles of water, minerals and organic substances in organisms

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    Chapter 3: please remember the basic structure of a cell, both plant and animal cell and their different, i.e. with/without cell wall, with/without chloroplast, etc. Also, please remember the sequence: cell->tissue->organ->system->organism

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    Chapter 3: If you have learnt the extension part, please remember the calculation of magnification in microscope, eyepiece * objective and also the name and function of each part of microscope

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    Chapter 4: please remember the properties of enzymes and the factors affecting enzyme activity. Also please learn the basic concept of the three transport methods (diffusion, osmosis and active transport) and their different

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    physics 呢4 課最緊要一樣嫁je

    就係E=mc T

    有呢一題公式冇咩題目做唔到, 加上睇多少少conduct 同reflector, 咩色吸光反光咁就夠

    BIO 只有4 個字「死記硬背」

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