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我的母親出生於苗栗的鄉下,我的母親是一個很慈祥的,還有我的母親很著熱情好客的個性,因為我母親是自己開店的原因吧!。我之前不懂事常常和母親頂嘴等等! 我發現常常在言語上衝撞我的母親。等過一段時間當我自己發現錯了,她才會跟我講我哪裡做得不對。她以前不會這樣忍耐,可是她隨著年齡的增長,也愈趨成熟。而她的成長也讓我更反省自己的年輕氣盛,以及需要改進的地方。,我那時我真的不因該那樣對我的母親,母親不辭辛勞的為我們付出,但是他卻從來沒想過要我們回報他。如今時光的流轉,看著母親斑白的髮,更看到了母親辛苦的歲月刻劃--皺紋,所以我現在有工作我會好好的賺錢來報答母親的!現在的我,步入軍中工作許久,母親總是一天打好幾次電話關懷,但是母親已年高身體不好,心還每天繫念著我們 ,讓我感到能在身邊,觸動這溫馨的愛,是多麼珍貴還有自從我出生以來,媽媽便一直貼身照顧我,愛護我,為我付出了無限的愛和巨大的支持。我感到十分幸福和快樂,她在我心目中永遠是天底下最好的母親,我真心地愛她~。因為一個愛我又接納我的人,是我這一生中最寶貴的。

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    My mother my mother is born in Miaoli's countryside, my mother is very gentle, but also has the my mother very warm hospitable individuality, because my mother is the reason which open a shop! . Before me, is not sensible talks back frequently with the mother and so on! I discovered that dashes my mother frequently in the spoken language. Has waited for period of time, when I discovered mistakenly, where she only will then speak my with me to do not rightly. She before will not endure patiently like this, but she along with age growth, also will hasten maturely. But her growth also lets me engage in introspection own year hydrogen to be abundant, as well as needs to improve place. , I at that time I really not because of this such to my mother, what the mother spares no efforts is we pays, but he actually had not thought wants us to repay him. Now the time circulation, looks mother graying sending, saw mother's laborious years scoring--Wrinkle, therefore I will now have work I well to make money to repay the mother! Present's I, march into the armed forces to work for a long time, mother always one day hits several telephone concerns, but the mother year high body has not been good, the heart also every day is reading us, lets me feel that can in the side, touch this warm love, is how precious also has since I have been born, mother the next to the skin has then looked after me, cherishes me, has paid the infinite love for me with the huge support. I felt that is very happy and is joyful, she in my mind forever is in the world best mother, my sincerity loves her ~. Because likes me admitting me the person, is in my this life is most precious.



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    My mother

    My mother was born in the countryside of Miaoshu, my mother was a very kindly one, there is my mother hospitable individual characters very, because my mother is a reason why oneself runs a shop! . I am often thoughtless before this and mother answer back etc.! I find that often offend my mother in the speech. Is it find as I oneself by mistake , she can speak with me where make incorrect I just some time to wait for. She will not restrain oneself like this in the past, her to the riper become too with the growth of the age. And it was young and aggressive that her growth let me introspect one's own even more, and need the improved place . ,I true I have at that time because should like that mother in I, what mother spare no pains pay for us, but he is it want us reciprocate he to think of never. Time circulated nowadays, looking at mother's grizzled sending, saw even more that time that mother works hard delineates --The wrinkle, so I will have a job me making money to repay mother's hard now! I who am present, step into the army and work for a long time, mother has always made the telephone several times to show loving care for each day, but it is not healthy that mother has been already annual and tall, the heart has been concerned about us every day yet, let me feel that can be at one's side, touch this warm love, how precious to since I was born have, mother has been looking after me personally all the time , has cherished me, pay limitless love and enormous support for me. I feel very happy and happy, she best mother in the world forever among I mind, I love her she wholehearted. Because one love me admit people of me, these all one's life such as I the most valuable.

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