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影片最後透過畫外音直接道出「萬物生來平等,再渺小的生命也要尊重」的信條。在看似強調不同族類無論長相及大小 彼此尊重的同時。

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    When we saw when compared to our small ant, whether had thought, in

    the remote outside outer space, has we vast is more excellent than

    several times of another biology to peep at us, was similar to us if

    these xiaosheng action, or even were allowed to operate their


    The entire small town inhabitant in order to prove own existence,

    unity diligently call, also displays each life for to survive

    expresses the survival the hope.

    The movie finally penetrates the offscreen voice directly to say "the

    myriad things are since birth equal, the tiny life also needs to

    respect" creed. While looked resembles the emphasis different class

    regardless of appearance and size each other respect.

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    When we see our tiny ants, it was thought that in the distant outer space, we have a great many times more than the other biological we are watching, just as we have a hand to those who move in small biological , Or even to control their lives.

    The whole town residents in order to justify their existence, unity of effort to cry, but also to show the lives of everyone in order to survive and to express the desire to survive.

    Finally, through the voice-over videos directly out of "all things are born equal, have little respect for the life of" doctrine. Appears to be stressed in different types of people regardless of the size and appearance of respect for each other at the same time.

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